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Newest anime in japan now? 2003/10/18 23:33
Hi, i would like to know what's the newest and hippest anime showing in japan now?
by rev  

I know ! Oh I know ! 2004/5/24 20:16
Its Naruto Full Metal Alchemist Saiyuki Inuyasha is still a fav. those are mostly on the top of list in japan. especially Full Metal Alchemist. It got licised before Naruto did. It be on U.S t.v next year. and for Inuyasha. its almost done in the U.S
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Genres? 2004/5/25 16:22
Maybe you should be more specific. If someone asked me what is the best show in america, the answer would really depend on who was asking the question. Do you mean the best show for middle aged men? Young housewives? Teen girls?

Anime also has genres. Inuyasha is so 12 yr old jr high school girlish that I cant watch it anymore even though my girlfriend chews it up.

You asked for 'hip' so I imagine you mean something alittle more mature. Sparse pickings right now. That one piece is everywhere right now. Doesnt seem too mature to me. Prince of tennis may be mature, and its real popular though I dont enjoy it. Naruto is pretty big with HS guys right now. I keep seeing this really dark manga on the trains but dont know if that counts. Rightnow seems pretty dry for anime I feel.
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Appleseed 2004/8/14 02:46
I`l have to sya it`s New AppleSeed you can look for trailers now if you like it is so tight and it is big in Japan nowdays i saw it in the theatre when i was there and i have to say they have all reasons to be hyped
and here is link to trailer and now say if you like it

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"hip" anime eeh? 2004/10/30 04:42
hmmm if you want series its naruto and hxh greedisland finals and the geneiryodan returns.. if you want hip anime that have few episode hmm i think its "Midori no Hibi". I just finish watching it and its very cool!
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Re: new anime 2004/10/30 05:51
A nice down-to-earth anime called "Yakitate!! Japan" started a couple of weeks ago.

It's about a boy who has a nack for baking the perfect bread, and his quest to make the best Japan has ever seen.

Not just another giant mecha or Pokemon anime. :)
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. 2004/10/30 08:00
(The opening of) "Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase" is by far the hottest topic in this season :)

Neko Mimi Mode :D

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Newest anime in japan now? 2005/7/12 14:50
offcourse the newest anime is saiyuki,tenjo tenge,shaman king,full metalalchemist,chobits,one pieceoff course
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stand alone complex 2005/7/13 10:16
If your looking for a more recent animation then I'd suggest the series; Ghost in the Shell:stand alone complex

I've seen 8 episodes so far (although I've already read a manga that is related somewhat...) and they are very well done.

Making Masamune Shirow's work into an animation series really works and the music direction from kanno yokko is awesome. I wish Kanno Yokko was in direction of all music in animation, I think she is the best.

There is also a newer but kind of old animation called bleach that you may want to check out, its not too bad.

I hope I helped!

ja ne! ^_^V
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Anime 2005/7/13 17:18
For me, there are very few anime that I can get into. As of now, or at least recently, the two I would recommend most are "Naruto" and "Samurai Champloo". Naruto is on episode 142 or so, and while it's great and entertaining, some of the episodes drag on and nothing happens. That's part of the benefit of watching episodes well after release though. When nothing happens in an episode, you just continue on to the next one to see what will happen. When you're watching weekly with release though, you feel a bit cheated by the filler. I still recommend it though, because when the story gets good, it gets good.

The second one I mentioned, "Samurai Champloo", is likely my favorite anime ever. It ended not too long ago, and it's only 26 episodes long.The only anime I might like better is "Cowboy Bebop", and oddly enough, they're by the same guy. Ultimately, both Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo benefit from being only 26 episodes long. For one, there's no time to waste with only 26 episodes, so each one is jam packed with story progression and it worthy in itself (unlike in Naruto). In addition, the relationships between characters feels more real, and the emotions are stronger in these two (CB and SC) compared to others I think. If you're like me and can't stand the typical anime humor and exerggerations all the time (sparingly is fine), then both CB and SC are refeshingly unique as well as a bit more serious. I can't recommend them enough.

So pick whatever interests you, but I hope you at least get arounding to trying these out sometime.
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More anime 2005/7/13 17:22
I forgot to mention that Full Metal Alchemist is also one I enjoyed. When you said "recent", my mind stuck to Naruto and Samurai Champloo. :)
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That's current here AND there? 2005/7/14 18:40
So... anything on Adult Swim is pretty up to date and popular?
Full Metal and Champloo are awesome. I'll have to look into Naruto.
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Anime 2005/7/15 08:32
Yeah, I suppose you could say that is true to some degree. Although, I'd recommend not watching them on Adult Sim and instead get Japanese versions with subtitles if you can. I haven't heard Champloo's English cast, so I can't say if it's good or bad, but I hope it hasn't been destroyed like some other anime in English. Cowboy Bebop is one of very, very few that happened to have a good English cast in my opinion. Others will tell you that even Bebop's English bugged them, but when you consider how bad other anime is, Bebop was done very well. The character Spike in particular. Anyway, seeing as how it was the same creator, there's a chance Champloo's could have been done well as well. I'll have the check it out sometime.
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You ***** 2006/3/17 10:47
How dare one of you say that Pokemon isn't that good! Listen, that's not excatly what one of you said but I was reading through and some A**hole said this and I qutote: And it isn't like Pokemon.....

Pokemon rocks and it has been on since the year 1996 and incase you haven't noticed, it's 2006!!!!! POKEMON ROCKS!!! Inuysaha is awsome too! And Cardcaptors was pretty neat also along with Gundeem Seed.
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Re: anime 2006 2006/3/17 12:35
Let's go to Tokyo Anime Fair next week!!!
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anime 2006 2006/3/22 13:15
I'll be there! it was a happy coincidence
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most definately agree 2006/8/26 09:00
i agree with 'Japanesefreak' about Poke'mon being wicked awesome :) ! Inuyasha is still a common fav among the otaku of USA and although Naruto only 40-50 eps. through it is just the most amazing anime that I've EVER seen but, I wish the English version didn't edit out the blood and vulgar language.
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To Japanesefreak 2006/9/11 04:48
I dont hear of a lot of people who liked Card Captors. I just wanted to say it's the absolute best! Sakura and Sayoran would be so cute together!
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Anime & manga 2006/9/18 22:44
Can u guys tell me what is the hot and newest anime & manga now?. And the list of the old ones as well. Cause i may miss some old but good anime & manga.
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. 2006/9/19 06:32
really rate gits stand alone complex, very entertaining with some pretty heavy ai philosophy from the tachicomas. Seen the new appleseed, starts of fantastically but then theres a lack of action and i have no idea what the end script was about. I have heard lots of good things about both bleach and naruto as well.

Would recommend cowboy bebop above them all because, as already mentioned, only 26 episodes and a film, nice and easy to get into without having to backtrack too far or spend a future on dvds (or hours torrenting)
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