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500 or 1000 yen shop 2007/3/13 12:34

Heard from my friend mention before that in tokyo there are 500 yen shop or 1000 yen shop. I tried searching the website but cant find any.

Can anyone tell me is there such shop in Tokyo? Maybe the shop name is not call 500 yen shop or 1000 yen shop. What i understand from my friend is that the product in the shop is selling at 500 yen or 1000 yen. She visited on of them 2 years back. I would like to go to the shop as I'm travelling to Tokyo from 16- 23rd March.

by jeslyn  

... 2007/3/13 16:22
it is probably impossible to find in a place like tokyo, ask yourr friend again
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confirm is Tokyo 2007/3/13 17:05
Yes, confirm is Tokyo. She went there 2 or 3 years back. She bought somthing from there. She say that the shop name might not call 500 yen shop or 1000 yen shop. But all the items there is selling at one price only.
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. 2007/3/13 17:07
There's shops called "Three Coins" in Tokyo where things are sold at JPY300.
There seem to be shops called "Five Coins" where they sell everything at JPY500 but I could not find the information, somehow.
(Google shows the result but when I saw the page, it says "not found" - maybe they failed and their shops don't exist any longer?)
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Shin Okubo 2007/3/13 17:33
There are a bunch of 100 and 1000 yen shops along Shin Okubo (Yamanote line, 1 stop to the north of Shinjuku).
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thanks 2007/3/13 17:59
Thanks for the info. on the 3 Coin. is it possible for u to inform me the actual location of the shop? Coz i do not understand japanese. I would like to visit when I'm there. Thanks in advance.

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3coins 2007/3/13 18:36
1. Shinjuku
JR Shinjuku Station, East Exit.
There's a bit shopping mall called "LUMINE EST Shinjuku" just in front of the JR Shinjuku Station.
(There are another two "Lumine", so be careful.)
Here you can see the photo of the building.
3coin shop is on the 5th floor.

Sunshine City Alpa, which is a part of the big Sunshine City building (60 storey high), and Alpa is a big shopping mall within this building.
3coin shop is located on the basement floor of Alpa.

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Thanks 2007/3/14 09:21
Thanks for providing me the informaiton. Is of great help to me. :)
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harajuku 2008/10/20 00:44
on takeshita-dori street, right outside JR yamanote line harajuku station. if you walk down, it'll be on your right. everything there is 500 yen.

there's another place in shinjuku, can't remember the name, something about two hearts or a heart. well, the items there are 315 yen, but some of the items vary. sorry i can't give more details, but it's on a major street about 1 or 2 streets down (parallel-wise) from jr shinjuku station.
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Too late for original poster 2008/11/4 22:55
It's too late to answer this question for the OP I think, but if anyone else wants some cheap shops, there's one in B2 at Sunshine City in Ikebukuro. I think it's probably 100 yen, but I have difficulty remembering. They have all sorts of random stuff.
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hmm... 2008/11/5 01:36
huge question is the 100 yen store like the dollar store?
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They're everywhere in Tokyo! 2008/12/30 16:32
Those 100yen shops are basically everywhere in Tokyo, just look around...there's one in Asakusa on the main street near the temple and i also keep running into them everywhere...no worries to find one of those!

Then there's also 99yen shops and 1000yen shops all around!

The 100yen shop has all sorts of stuff, 99yen shop is more for food and 1000yen more for shoes and clothes.

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