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Please recommend a good skincare line 2007/3/15 09:55
I'm thinking Shiseido, but Shiseido offers so many different lines of skincare products!!
I have darker normal/oily asian skin and i'm looking for something that's both good for my skin and maybe have some whitening/brightening properties. Any suggestions???? oh and approximately how much would it cost???
how come so many japanese girls have good flawless skin?? what's their secret???
by joy  

alternate? 2007/3/16 16:46
hmmm maybe kose?? which one's better? kose or shiseido?? ahhhh I hate choices!!

I just bought a kose whitist moisturizer out of impulse...does anyone know anything about it??
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. 2007/3/16 19:10
I have the kosé "happy bathday" series, and they are VERY good for oily skin. I recommend! But it is of course mainly bathing products...
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kanebo 2007/3/16 20:17
what about kanebo?
i dont know them but i've been told theyr;e great. Too expensive maybe??
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Kanebo is a good skincare 2007/8/14 00:04
My choice would be Kanebo, but it is very expensive. The company should review their products without compromising on the quality but still able to sell them at a cheaper price.
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. 2007/8/17 10:36
Orbis, DHC and fancl.
Especially if you like no-preservatives :)
I'm a huge fan of fancl.
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