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Where to get F cup cookie? 2007/4/2 06:45
May i know where can i get this product called F-Cup cookie in Japan?

by marigold  

... 2007/4/2 10:54

Those types of (at least to me) "magic formula" health products are mostly sold through online shops... the above is just one example.
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Thanks, but... 2007/4/2 23:09
Hi, thanks for your answer. But I'm from Singapore and do not understand what that page means. Is there any shops in Japan where I can get this product? Cos I'm going over soon..
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f-cup cookie 2007/4/2 23:34
you can sometimes find them at some drug stores. I think the ones along ameyoko has them in store.
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Thanks! 2007/4/3 00:43
Thanks! May i know where is ameyoko? I will be at Tokyo, Shinjuku, Mt. Fuji, then Osaka. Is ameyoko at any of the places? Thanks!
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this 2007/4/3 01:21
Ameyoko is a market in Ueno, Tokyo.
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Thanks! 2007/4/3 02:06
Thanks! Any one knows any other place that sells this? Cos i'm not dropping by Ueno...
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... 2007/4/3 07:42
I'm sorry, I was not too kind with my earlier post, was I. I just showed you the link (an online shop) as an example simply to say that those products tend to be sold either through online or mail order shops. Not too many "real" health food stores/drugstores keep stocks of those new products that come and go with fashion.

But for "fashionable" supplement/food products such as those, places I would try would be: MatsumotoKiyoshi (a major chain of drugstores, with locations all over town), or Sony Plaza (the locations I know include one in Ginza, another one in Ikebukuro, etc.), etc.
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Thanks! 2007/4/3 22:33
Thanks AK! Tat certainly was of help! Will check it out when i go over! Thanks alot!
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Japan Personal Shoppers 2007/4/5 05:45
Hi marigold,

Japan P.S is a mail order service from Singapore. I think they might be able to help you purchase the cookie.Good luck!

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erm..may i know... 2007/4/30 15:30
erm...im from malaysia..
im thinking to get that product too..~
i found a taiwan website which selling this product..
but anyone know is there any malaysian website selling this product too?
i prefer malaysian website..
because the way to purchase seem like easier..
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F-Cup Cookies 2007/4/30 19:37
Hey, Another Malaysian as well. Wanna get this cookies. Anyone knows whether this product is safe to eat? Any where to buy online? I don't understand japanese so can't read the website provided. thanks
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f cup cookies 2008/1/1 13:59
where do i get these f cup cookie from the usa from
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Really? 2008/1/2 10:39
Come on girls use your common sense!(check Google for a reality check). The only thing that will grow with these cookies is the company bank account. To increase safely your bust size there is only one proven thing: EXERCISE
Do bench presses (flat and inclined)with relatively heavy weights and do lots of push-ups and dips (with your body weight). This will increase the size of the pectoral muscles that are located under your breasts and therefore increase your cup size.
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F Cup Cookies 2008/2/26 19:23

You can get it from www.f-cup-cookie.blogspot.com.. =)
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F cup Cookies 2008/3/24 03:51
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Waste of money 2008/3/24 08:50
I am amazed that people think these will work. If you ate hundreds of them perhaps, because then you would put on weight, so the size of your breasts would increase along with the rest of you. Breasts are mostly made up of fat, so the only sure way to increase their size without surgery is to gain a considerable amount of weight, or to be pregnant, in which case hormonal changes increase their size.

Don't waste your money on things with absolutely no scientific back-up- F-cup cookie indeed. Why would people have surgery if all you needed to do was eat cookies?
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Found them 2008/4/2 13:45
Hey! I happened across these F Cup Cookies when I was shopping in the KIDDY LAND store around Omotesando/Harajuku area in Tokyo. They cost about 300yen for a small box (can't remember exactly tho) KIDDY LAND is pretty easy to find, huge letters above the door, a 7 floor building on the main street (wide tree lined street w/ lots of traffic bridges... sorry I suck at describing places). Ask for directions on the street if you need to, most people should know where it is. Happy shopping!
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cynical, but still... 2008/6/19 21:28
I bought a box of these for my brother a a bit of a joke gift, I'm cynical but if you want, I saw them in a few drugstores/ pharmacies on a shopping street of Shinsaibashi subway station in Osaka.Good luck, and happy hunting!
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Kiddy Land?! 2008/6/20 07:59
KIDDY LAND sells them?! I rest my case. People can't still be thinking these things really work.

Unless you are buying them as a joke, save your money, people.
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