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Good qualtity shoe repair in Tokyo 2007/4/2 11:36

I'm looking for a shoe repair with good quality work in Tokyo. It is to replace a leather sole. All I have been able to see are Mister Minit shop/or same kind of shop in supermarket where service is not customised. Does any one knows better shop?
by Sam  

Mister minit 2007/4/2 22:54
I guess it should do the trick.
Else I know one is in Nishikasai near the Jusco Dept Store.
And One in Kagurazaka just a few minutes walk from the fmaous shrine there.
Don't know about the quality and Pricing but got my shoes fixed perfectly.
Hope it helps.
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Sam 2007/4/3 10:31
Thank you! Is the one in Kagurasaka located on the main street with all the restaurants?
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shoe repair 2007/6/20 11:43
probably a bit late now, but I have a favourite shoe repair place in Azabu Juban - the guy can do miracles. The shop is called "Repair Factory, Shu & Shoe Co.", and the address is: 3-2-6 Azabu Juban, Minato-ku, Tel: 03-5476-4476 (closed on Sundays). It's very close to Azabu Juban station - exit4 (Wendy's). Hope it helps for the future!
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Shoe repair in Kyoto 2008/5/3 15:18
I am looking for a shoe repair place in Kyoto? I'd be really grateful as I'm finding that mending them myself isn't going too well...
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