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How do you buy concert tickets in Japan? 2007/4/13 07:15
The Jrock band Nightmare is currently on tour in Japan. They will have 3 encore concerts in June, at which time I will be in Japan. But, I do not know how to buy concert tickets, nor do I know where these 3 concerts will be held.

Could someone please help me out? Here is a link to the information:

Is there a method for non-japanese people to obtain concert tickets for Japanese bands? I have always wondered about this.
by Sylvi  

Good luck 2007/4/16 08:31

Above is the page showing the info you're looking for.

June 8th at Aichi Kinro Kaikan (in Nagoya): Phone Sunday Folk Promotion 052-320-9100

June 13th at Osaka Kosei Nenkin Kaikan Dai Hall: Phone Kyodo Ticket Center 06-6233-8888

June 16th at Tokyo Kokusai Forum Hall A: Phone Disk Garage 03-5436-9600

Tickets are also available at Lawson convenience stores.

Tickets will be on sale starting April 22nd. Advance tickets ¥4725(including tax)

I recall seeing info on this Question Forum about purchasing Japanese concert tickets from overseas, but I'm not sure if they apply for all concerts. You may want to search this site for more details.
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thanks 2007/4/17 00:54
Ah, thank you. Yes that page had the information I needed. And good, ticket sales start on april 22, so I still have some time.

I also looked through the site more thoroughly like you suggested, and I did find some more information for purchasing tickets. There are a few options to choose from.
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Buying concert tickets in Japan 2008/6/25 18:37
I'm trying to get concert tickets for the band Plastic Tree (their 2008 Summer Tour). I'm not sure how to go about buying them online and I'm afraid they'll be sold out by the time I get to Japan so if anyone can give me any information on where, when and how I can buy tickets to their concert I would greatly appreciate the help.

Here is their official web site (I think tickets go on sale June 28th).

I'm hoping to get two tickets to their concert at Namba Hatch (in Osaka). I would just need to have to tickets mailed to the hostel I will be staing at.

Is there a chance the tickets would still be available when I arrive to Japan (August 1)?
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Loud Park 08 Japan tickets 2008/7/20 08:54
These tickets go on sale today and I cant find a ticket site thats in English.Using google translator works up until actually buying them.Im attempting to download encodings but they go on sale in 30 mintues!
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