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Where are Mitsuwa toys and tableware? 2007/4/15 03:45
Does anyone know what happened to the tableware shop or the toy shop that used to be in Mitsuwa in Arlington Heights?

I see that the tableware shop is gone, but did it move somewhere else?

Also, I read somewhere that the toy store moved to JP Toy or J1 Toy, at 43 Golf Road. It is there, but their web site is not up, and there are no hours on the door. It has never been open when I have been there.

Any information would be appreciated. Thanks!

by Caden  

Moving 2007/8/29 00:38
The toy shop did move to golf road, but there has been another address for a similiar toy shop on the web. 3326 North Clark, Chicago IL. That is the address for J1Toy. I know that the address for the one on golf road is 43 Golf, Arlington Heights, and the toystore there is actually called japanese toys and gifts. Good luck! ^_^
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