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Does anyone have a Sharp PW-LT300? 2007/4/21 05:20
I have just bought a Sharp PW-LT300, but it only come with a Japanese manual. I know you can get english ones, i just cant get hold of one! Does anyone else have one that could help me get my head around some more of the functions? Or know how to set it in to english? It would be so much appreciated!
by Zoe  

about putting it in english 2007/12/24 08:35
try typing (pw-lt300 english manual)into the babblefish. at altavista.com then convert to japanese. then cut and copy the text and put it in the search window.
i would contact max hodges at white rabbit press. he might charge you for help but he could probably can help you. second see if you can get a pdf of the manual then cut and copy pages into babblefish on alta vista. i would also like to get one of these. i have no idea how far along you are in your japanese. also does your computer type in japanese if so enter the keys as they appear on the pw keyboard into babblefish. i have done this to learn kanji you just type in a kanji and cut and copy the sentences that come up with the search interesting to see how each kanji is used. i will see what i can do so e-mail me so i can get back to you. i am at chloraplast@hotmail.com oh and merry christmas.
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now have the manual for the pw lt300 2007/12/24 10:34
i now have the manual for the pw lt300 in english so if you tell me what you want to do. i will tell you how to do it. also maybe can print it out for you if you would like to cover costs.
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i need the manual too 2008/12/24 06:09
do you still have a copy of the manual i wouldnt mind if i could have the electronic copy, thanks
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Quick Reference (manual) in English 2008/12/24 11:27
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