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American Actresses/Singers in Japan? 2007/4/22 09:28
Ok, My reasonably reachable dream, is to become an Anime Animator in Japan. But really, my ultimate dream is to become an Actress......or being the singer in a band! But i was wondering, if i still wanted to move to Japan, which i would!, is there any American/Foreign actresses on TV there?? Because america has millions of asians, blacks, whites, hispanics, etc......it's not just one majority. So here it's normal. But i figured in Japan, or China/S. Korea.....it's not as normal. So are there currently any big names in Japan that are Foreign/American???

I know fore Acting, my Japanese would have to be pretty damn good.......which would be supa hard, but for singing it wouldn't be as bad.......and that would be pretty awesome =)


*~ xxx Nami // Iza
by .-.Izanami.-. (o*.*o)  

. 2007/4/22 12:07
Though I hate to say it, its not a really reasonable reachable dream. Its like wanting to become a hollywood director almost, many try very few accomplish it.

As for actors/actresses not really, but there are some foreign tv personalities that are from overseas.

There have been some popular singers/artists in Japan, but many of them were half Japanese-half american.

You can even see at home in the US, that even though we are a country made up of people of many different ethnicities, media portrayal and the fact is prime time tv and television and movies feature very few diversity overall.
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Hey, Don't Give Up! 2007/4/22 15:36
What you're trying to achieve is difficult, yeah! But it isn't impossible. There's a lot of people out there nowadays trying to do just what you're trying to do, and the only reason we don't see as many foreigners in the major scene in JPN is because some prefer to give up half way, or change their minds altogether. So if you're willing to stick with this dream through, there isn't any reason why you should fail.
Just try your hand at it, I'm pretty sure you'll make it if you try. And no, it won't be easy, but then again, neither is getting into the major scene anywhere in the world.
Just give it a shot, who knows? You just might make it.
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. 2007/4/22 16:01
But i have to disagree with you strongly about America.
If what your getting at is white people get all the jobs? Then i'd really have to say thats crazy.

First off I am an American, I used to for a brief time even worked for a television station (news division).

I never said once white people get all the jobs.

What I was responding to was your comment about how america is used to seeing miniorities on tv, unofrtunatley, I think that is incorrect. Tell me how many shows on TV shows on prime time tv right now has a mainly Asian cast, hispanic cast, or indian cast, of all the four NBC,ABC,FOX,CBS major networks, NONE.

YES there are asian actors, hispanic actors, etc yes, but not enough to even represent a fraction of overall percentage of miniorities. There are very few movies for example with an all asian cast, and if there is, its always portraying one sterotype or another, action/karate, or a character playing the nerd you want.

Now back to Japan, which isn't really an immigration nation, there are not many foreign (there are some) but not many TV personalities. Usually on the game/talkshows or they are thrown in some tvshows when they need the generic foreign person for a scene.
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Thanks. 2007/4/23 21:39
Thanks Tsuki =D
I plan to work hard for what i want....i love Japan, and i'd really love to live there, and be involved with the theatre/acting scene. (=^_^=)

And John all i'm saying is that, an Asian person, or a Black person, or a Hispanic Person, can find acting work with no problem here in the states. As long as you can speak english, theres a role out there for you. Because theres no "one race" that represents America.

I know Japan is very different, so thats why i asked this question! [.^_^.]

*~xxx Nami // Iza
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. 2007/4/24 10:54
And John all i'm saying is that, an Asian person, or a Black person, or a Hispanic Person, can find acting work with no problem here in the states

And I'm saying that is not true, from my observation, unless hollywood is looking for a typecasted character, its a lot hard for an Asian person for example especially asian male actors to find good roles. When was the last time you saw an American film where the lead actor was a male, and not some kung-fu / martial arts/ computer geek/ foreign exchange student?
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Why do you always want a title? 2007/4/24 10:56
If almost as pretty as Leah Dizon or as talented as Elisha Laverne you might have a chance. If you`re white, just become a tarento like Thane Camus (he`s so cool) then let them label you as a haafu like Becky, the public will eat you up. If you`re black or anything else, be like Bobby, he`s funny.^^ If you are Asian, you have a chance...you see BoA, Go Ah Ra, TVXQ, Golf&Mike...but they have talent, a true gift and it`s what they love so if you possess those qualitites (doesn`t hurt to look amazingly beautiful/hot) then sure, anythings possible.
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Believe 2007/4/24 11:09
Dear Izanami,

I saw this thread and just had to comment here because I have the same dream as you. Although I really donft want to act, but I really want to sing in Japan. My best advice to you is to go through with it, if it is something you really want to do. I could preach on to you about the statistics and facts about lack of diversity in Japan Entertainment industry, but that is all negative thinking. If you think about things like that, things will never change. You must believe that you can do it. I agree with Tsuki. A lot of people who didnft make it, gave up when they were halfway there. So you have to really want it and work hard. But other than that, I donft see why you shouldnft make it. Just remember that trying to make it big anywhere in the world, even here in America , is a pretty far off dream. I would suggest that you try out for some auditions for various companies. Sony Japan and Avex are big companies. Even SM Entertainment in Korea is well known and they are always holding auditions and accepting applications year round. So get up and GO FOR IT!!!!! Youfll never know if your dream could come true, unless you try to make it happen!!^___^
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Actually Dear... 2007/5/18 08:11
And John all i'm saying is that, an Asian person, or a Black person, or a Hispanic Person, can find acting work with no problem here in the states

no it's not that easy. we still have to work harder than the white person to get that role, even the crappy ones.
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mina asami 2007/9/8 13:28
hi! does anyone know something about MINA ASAMI the one who act as Prince igam/mio in Maskman? i really like her in that program. but i can't find any info about her nowadays, please help me... thanks! :)
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:D 2008/1/9 01:29
Trying is worth it. At least you'll get to experience what its like. Thats true I don't see a lot of American singers they're half and half. But who knows sometimes things just happens that might surprise you. SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment is in South Korea. Avex and Sony are in Japan. I think I'm going to do a international audition for Sony this summer. Hope I get in. :P
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Asian folk love pretty white girls 2008/5/10 21:53
Asia is full of pretty white girls working as models. You'll see them on billboards and posters all over the place. Asian folk, especially the men folk, love pretty white girls. To be an actress you'll have to be fluent in Japanese. Julie Dreyfus is a beautiful French woman who's a popular TV actress in Japan. She's also the "face" of cosmetics giant Shiseido. Jennifer Connelly went to Japan in the 80s and became a pop star and model. I suggest you go to Japan and work in one of the hostess bars. Foreign hostesses make more money than Japanese girls and you might be able to make good contacts. There's no sex involved. You just have drink and flirt with businessmen.
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Or you could stick with your day job? 2008/5/13 23:08
You have less luck becoming a singer in Japan than being on Broadway. I'd stick with the stereotypical barista/struggling Broadway actress combo.

As for the animator goal - keep in mind you'd probably have to go to art school which tends to be expensive and get some sort of apprenticeship with an animation company. Definitely not impossible, but not exactly a cakewalk either.
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Not impossible 2008/6/9 03:31
I'm sure it isn't completely impossible, I mean look at people like JERO he's out there singing enka of all things. If you have a strong will to succeed you can do anything you want. Don't let anybody discourage you or take away your will.
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IM THE SAME! 2009/12/2 03:14
Hi there!
I also love both acting and singing, AND Japan, im from england, so its quite far away, but i think to an extent, if you have enough acting experience behind you it cold be achievable, im thinking of eithe doing Japanese or acting at Uni, just a choice of which, (theres nowhere where you can do both, how stupid is that?!?)
But in all honesty, if you're good enough, i think it's achievable. My favourite singer is Utada Hikaru, and i know theres Hiro from Heroes (even though he's korean apparently)
But, if you become a big singer/actress here, no doubt you could do gigs or anything in Japan.
Possibilities are endless! (:
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. 2009/12/2 10:43
I became well known in Japan as a comedian and it came about very fast. All dreams are possible if you want it enough. Go for it!
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Internet 2009/12/2 14:24
With Internet, you don't have to specify which country you want to be a star/singer. Just post your stuff on Youtube. The world is getting smaller.
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Masi Oka is not Korean... 2009/12/2 19:39
Just wanted to point out to Robynne that Hiro from Heroes is a Japanese-American called Masi Oka. Where on earth did you hear that he's Korean?
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