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Konandai area of Yokohama? 2007/5/3 00:55
Has anyone ever been to this area? Is it nice and, if so, is there much to do there?

I am moving there soon and have been unable to find much information about that area in particular so I am worried it might be in the middle of nowhere :-/

Any help would be appreciated greatly!!

by Lectrolux  

Konandai 2007/5/3 16:59
Konandai is a mostly residential suburb about 20 minutes from central Yokohama on the Negishi/ Keihin Tohoku train line. It's not far from the coast, and a little further south are some okay beaches and the ancient city of Kamakura. Central Yokohama has a Chinatown, loads of shops, bars and clubs and the Minato Mirai development.

Konandai itself is a fairly ordinary suburb, there are a few shops around the station, but with Kanagawa and Tokyo's excellent transport system you can go anywhere you want very easily. I'm sure you'll enjoy it
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re: konandai 2007/5/3 17:48
Thanks for your reply - at least central Yokohama isn't too far then :-)
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Welcome to Yokohama 2007/5/4 02:02

Konandai is located in Konan-ku (Konan Ward).

This is from the official website of Konan-ku.

This is a website providing information about Konandai area in Japanese, but you can click the icons to view some photos.
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Konandai 2007/6/6 01:58
I'm possibly moving to Konanadai in the next few months to teach at a private eikaiwa. I've heard some good things about the area. Where are you working if you don't mind me asking?
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Lived in Konandai for 6 years 2007/7/29 11:52
I lived in Konandai from 1999 to 2005 and loved it. It's pretty green and has some hills. I enjoyed taking walks along the Itachi River, which runs between Konandai and Hongodai. Konandai is also a stop on the Negishi Train Line (JR) and it takes about 25 minutes to get to Yokohama and about an hour to get to Tokyo on that line. Email me more if you want more info. I can tell you lots. I think I was one of just a few foreigners that lived there at the time.

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Konandai 2007/8/1 01:46
Thank you Dan, sounds like a nice place. What did you do while living there, job-wise? I would like to know more about Konandai if you have time, my email's yakineko22@gmail.com Thanks!
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nice area! 2007/8/1 15:12
I stayed in Konandai for two weeks last summer. I thought it was a very beautiful area. You can reach the city, and other shops & restaurants very easily.
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