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Hakone Bus? 2007/5/7 06:04
hi, Im trying to work the kinks out of my itinerary..

I booked a night at the Lakeside Inn Charlotte in Hakone for May 31 2007. Ill be leaving Kyoto by 1330 and arriving at Odawara around 1500 ..Can anyone tell me how or where I can find information on taking the bus or trains from Odawara st to my hotel. The hotels address is: 71, MOTOHAKONE, HAKONE-MACHI, ASHIGARA-SHIMO-GUN, KANAGAWA 250-0522, JAPAN

by Jenn  

... 2007/5/7 11:54
Take a bus bound for Hakone-machi and get off at Moto-Hakone bus stop. The one way journey takes about 50 minutes, and there are departures every 30 minutes.
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bus from Odawara to Moto Hakone 2007/9/2 13:46
Any chance of a link to the bus schedule from Odawara to Moto Hakone?

If it's all in Japanese, possibly a little explanation, please?

Jenn, how did you like that hotel -I have a reservation there in November?
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... 2007/9/2 19:59
Departures from Odawara:
every 30 minutes

Departures from Hakone-Yumoto:
every 15 minutes on weekdays
every 10 minutes on weekends

Detailed schedules in Japanese:
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i loved hakone 2007/9/3 03:24
Hey Mara.

I loved the Lakeside Charlotte.
Its this cozy little Inn seriously right next to the lake. If you get the room facing the lake, in the morning its amazing. and the sightseeing boat departs right down the dock.

If you go to that site, and click on the ''Access'' button under their moto-hakone site, they give you a really good description on where to go in the Odawara station, where to go to get your hakone free pass then how to get to the bus hub. Just make sure you go to the bus hub #3, and im sure all the buses there depart to motohakone-ko. When you reach motohakone-ko, get off and just walk to the lake, then if i remember right we had to go towards the right. The Lakeside Charlotte is almost on the edge of the buildings cuddling the lake, near the red Tori!

:) hope you have fun

oh, and the Hakone Free Pass is really worth it, even if your only staying in Hakone for a day
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Thanks, Jenn 2007/9/3 04:41
Jenn, thanks so much for your reply!

I will be there two nights - coming directly from Narita after the flight from NYC.

Thanks for the reminding me of that website with the access info - I was thinking of staying at that inn as well but I wanted a few more amenities...

Yes, I am going to get the Hakone Free Pass at Odawara as I will be activating my JR Pass when I leave Hakone.

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