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Hachinohe 2007/5/8 03:35
We will catch the trains to go from Sendai to Hakodate, with a transfer stop at Hachinohe.

We like to stop at Hachinohe for couple hours to refresh since the total train rides for the day is about 5 hours. Had anyone been at the Hachinohe station? Is it pretty plain with not much to see and shop? What about the area around Hachinohe? We like to store our luggages in a locker and at least have a lunch somewhere at or around the station to take a break. Thanks!

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... 2007/5/9 18:17
I find your query interesting, because I personally consider long train rides something relaxing, especially shinkansen trains with their spacious leg room.

As for Hachinohe Station, I am not familiar with its surroundings. I am sure you will find a few restaurants and shops, but probably nothing fancy.
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Hachinohe? 2007/5/9 18:37

From memory, there is very little at all around Hachinohe station, as it is just a minor town that currently happens to be at the end of the Tohoku Shinkansen. (Most trains won't even stop there once the line is extended further north.)
If you really have to stop off somewhere en route, Aomori would have a lot more to offer in the way of shopping and eating.
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.... 2007/5/9 22:03
... and culture


... and history


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hachinohe 2007/5/10 06:58
First of all, thanks for all the responses.

When you travel with a small child, train rides could either be relaxing (if he/she likes the rides or if he/she falls asleep) or it could be difficult depending on the child. I wanted to have a back up plan just in case. Unlikely we will have much time to shop and do much even if there are fancy things around the station.
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... 2007/5/10 12:06
There is a market with connecting bus near the Hachinohe station. You can pick you choice of seafood and rent a grill for 200yen and do you own BBQ inside the station. But if you have only two hours, you might just want to browse around or else will be a bit rush.


Hasshoku Center (”ͺHƒZƒ“ƒ^[), 22-2 Kansai, Kawaragi, Hachinohe (tel: 0178-28-9311/ fax: 0178-28-9312)
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hotel of ryokan 2008/2/14 03:25
any hotel or ryokan near jr station at hachinohe?
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station outside of town 2008/2/19 05:16
The Shinkansen station is outside the main part of Hachinohe. There isn't much around the station or in it for that matter. Most of town is to the NE of the station toward the coast. There is a reconstructed castle in Nejo Plaza, about 15 minutes by bus. There is also a good armor collection at Kushibiki Hachimangu Shrine, about a 7 minute bus ride from the station.

There is a Toyoko Inn (Hachinohe Ekimae) and a Hotel Oshita on the east side of the station.
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. 2008/2/19 06:22
I can recommend the Toyoko Inn, I've stayed their several times and it is a few minutes from the station. As has already been said, there is not much here, there are a few C-stores and a row of shops going east from the station. Beyond this there are a couple of supermarkets (one small, one large) and a large drug store. The main area is a few stations away at Hon-Hachinohe, but be carefull if you go there, the trains are few and far between. The last three trains are 20.12, 21.51 and 22.09.
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... 2008/2/19 10:28
You can also transfer to Misawa and stay at the Komaki Daiichi(1) Grand Hotel (ΉΕΔΑœΨΘͺ) if budget is not a problem. Misawa is only 15 min by train from Hachinoche.
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