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is there a street in ueno district , 2007/5/11 02:52
Tokyo 23-ku
is ther a street in the ueno district , maybe called corin road , that is full of motobike shops
by philip jackson  

Yes! There are many moto & parts shops 2007/5/15 23:20
Yes! There are so many moto & parts shops near Ueno station. Corin is the company name that selles the moto and parts. Corin has so many branch near there! What kind parts would you like to buy? I have 1987 Suzuki GSXR750.
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Parts 2007/5/19 13:28
I have a friend in Australia who want to know where to get parts for any of the following:

Honda C72
Honda C77
Honda C71
Honda C70
Honda C76
Honda C75
Honda C100
Honda Dream
Honda Benly
Dry Sump Dream

Do you think the shops in Ueno would have parts for these older bikes?? (made around 1958-1963)

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You should go Honda Parts center! 2007/5/20 13:14
Hi Sandy! Great Honda Historic Bikes! I also had CB72type1, LittleHondaP25 before.
It's so difficult to buy old motorcycle parts from Ueno bike parts shops.
They sell the after market parts for the newest bikes and bike goods. I had 1985 Suzuki. No shop has the parts for my bike ! They also sell the genuine parts. But Not so much very few. Usually We buy (or order) the genuine parts from bike shop or the parts center in the town. But historic bikes ?! We could buy Every Honda parts,when Mr,Soichiro Honda was the Top in life. Honda made the parts one more, If he had no stock. But Now It was stopped after he died.
My Idea, 1,You will be able to buy the some parts from Honda parts center from his stock, ( You should give the parts number or shassis No,) 2,From Yahoo Japan Auction. 3,Historic Honda owners club. 4,Some time more easy to buy from foreign. I can help you from Yokohama!

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Parts 2007/5/21 12:26
Hi MOTORIDER, thanks for your reply!!
My friend said he'd looked at Japan Yahoo auction, but it was in Japanese.

Which other foreign countries would it be easier to get parts from?

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Old Honda Motorcycle Parts 2007/5/24 22:04
Hi Sandy!
I checked Web ''Old Honda Motorcycle Parts''. I could find this site. Following .
Is it from Thailand? UK? US?
I'm Japanese! Some time so difficult. I think You can check it easily!
This is Yahoo Japan Auctin sit. 1954Honda. with Triumph TigerCub? These motoecycles are selling at Yahoo Auction.
I think that it will be 100000 at last! This site will leave sooner!

I recommend to go to Honda parts Center, If you are in Japan . Because It is cheaper!

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thanks 2007/5/26 16:16
Motorider , thanks very much for all of your help!!!! :D
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. 2007/5/27 15:30
If you had parts list and knew the code numbers of the parts, you can order at any motor bike stores selling Honda.
It would take only 3days-1week.

In Japan, the old Hondas have been sold until recently.
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hi 2007/6/28 05:24
hi sir where in tokyo i can find parts for classic honda z50a etc...


ive been to ueno unfortunately cant find orig honda parts around that area.
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In Ueno Looking for parts 2007/7/7 17:56
I just walked around Ueno near the Asakusa station which is known as the bike street yet I have not found a surplus bike parts seller. Can anyone help. I am now in Ueno staying at a local hotel. Thanks!
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Bikes street (Korin -cho) 2007/7/8 16:24
Ueno station and Asakusa station are 2 different places!. go inside the Ueno JR station. look for the Asakusa exit, go out and turn left into a narrow street with the station on your left and several hotels, restaurants etc. on your right. keep walking past several hotels including the Astil hotel. the street you are looking for is the second or third one on our right, since you started walking along the station. there is a convenience shop and a high school near the street with bike shops. Lonely Planet Ueno map shows the location.
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ueno and asakusa walking distance 2007/8/17 11:52
you can walk from Ueno to Asakusa. 20-30 min. walk. It's pretty easy. Just go straight on main road and you get to see all kinds of little shops. I think I passed by the big wholesale kitchenware market and the red light district. fun and enjoyable walk.
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Opening hours 2008/10/6 01:48
What are the operating hours of the motorcycle shops?
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