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Where to buy Shiroi Koibito Chocolates? 2007/5/18 14:10
I've heard that the Hokkaido Shiroi Koibito chocolates can be bought in Narita Airport. Does anyone knows the shop is at near which boarding gate?

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Don't know exact place 2007/5/19 18:09
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... 2007/5/20 08:04
It seems to be sold at ANA Festa shops in the terminal 1 building on floors 2 and 3 of the No.5 satellite:

And at BLUESKY shops in several locations of terminal 2:
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Thank You! 2007/5/20 16:47
Thanks both for your answers! Now I can look forward to eating these chocolates. :)
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Anywhere else? 2008/4/1 21:33
Does anyone know anywhere else in Tokyo they are sold?
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Shiroi Koibito in Tokyo? 2008/7/16 02:37
The other time when I was in Tokyo, I searched for Shiroi Koibito. Most of the people told me that there is no other places in Tokyo that is selling it. Only in Narita Airport
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Langue de Chat 2008/7/16 20:32
T-boy and Jen,

While you won't find Shiroi Koibito in Tokyo, identical "Langue de Chat" (I think that's how it's spelt) cookies can be bought pretty easily at regular supermarkets and sometimes 7-Eleven stores.
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. 2008/7/17 05:12
That's what I like about Japanese culture sometimes.

When I was traveling around Japan I found that regional specialties or omiyake are only sold within that area. Not only the prefecture but sometimes limited to the production region.

They just would not budge if you try to convince them to sell it anywhere else, even if it means loss of potential sales (although probably at the expense of goodwill if it can be found anywhere else).

So whenever you go anywhere, you're bound to be surprised.

Having said that I'm very sure I'm seen the famous Shiroi Koibito chocolate biscuits sold in some Japanese department stores in other asian countries. Probably grey-imports or are they licensed to do so? Wouldn't have a clue.
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airport 2008/7/17 11:24
i guess u wont be able to find it anywhere in tokyo. I bought it from a shop at narita airport. Somewhere near gate 80 something...u can ask around those people in the shops. They will direct u ^_^
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Shiroi Koibito 2009/3/4 23:05
Dear all,

Shiroi Koibito is not only one of the best cookies in the world, it is also a cookie that my wife loves!!!

So far, I found them in Hakodate, Aomori -- in the Jusco Mall on the eastern side of the town -- and in Narita Airport, south wing. Do not hesitate, just ask people, the cookies are so well known that they know almost for sure.

Note however that although they used to be sell in Tokyo -- Ginza -- this is not true anymore.

Honnestly I do not know why this is impossible to find them anywehre [or almost].

So tired of it, I just wrote to the company Ishiya telling them that I live in Europe and would like to import those cookies.


[I am French, living in Austria]
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Shiroi Koibito Chocolate 2010/5/14 14:00
You can buy at Narita Airport. What about Kansai International Airport?
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Shiroi Koibito on amazon japan? 2010/10/20 21:20
I saw someone posting that you can buy it on amazon.com.jp

I'm a HUGE fan of shiroi koibito so has anyone tried getting it through amazon?

Here's the link for it http://www.amazon.co.jp/gp/product/B001G7I57Q/ref=pd_luc_sim_01_03
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.. 2010/10/23 03:41
I got mine from Narita Airport, you can actually find it before or after you check in. I got mine at this shop called Little Akihabara (Near the internet lounge) which I am sure you won't miss as it takes up the space of 3 shops. They sell other Japanese goodies for you to bring back too, and all in its pretty tin packaging.
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Found in Kansai Airport 2011/2/24 09:41
There's a prominent shop selling these biscuits in Kansai Airport. I discovered it when departing Japan. It was after the security checks and near the other duty free stores.

Hope this helps those not flying out from Narita.
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You can buy it at Haneda Airport or 2011/2/27 03:41
Hokkaido Dosanko Plaza


Tokyo-Koutsu-Kaikan 1F, 2-10-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

1 min from JR Yurakucho station
(Not far from Ginza)


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. 2011/2/27 15:16
thanks for the info akira. i work in ginza so i will stop buy there tomorrow maybe.

and to the person who posted amazon links,

can someone give the price compasion for buying it in person and online. Wa it a good deal?

also on that link it said shiro koibito, but the product pic was Langue de Chat or whatever you said the name of the 7 Eleven product was.

so Price of Real Shiro Koibito, and price of Langue de Chat in 7 Eleven is how much?

and does the online pack turn out to be a good deal or not.
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. 2011/2/27 17:40
Shiroi Koibito and "Chocolat Blanc et Langue de Chat" are same product

chocolat lanc: white chocolate
et: and
langue de chat: cookie
(small, thin, crispy french cookie)

when you buy it at amazon, delivery fee costs around 1000yen.
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Found at Haneda Airport 2011/3/10 17:24
Thanks to the above poster (Akira) for the venue to buy too. I rushed there on my last day to purchase it :)

However I just came back from Japan yesterday and I'm happy to inform that Haneda Airport is selling it now at the Duty Free shop :)
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