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Yamada Ammo Depot 2003/12/3 02:50
Yamada Ammo Depot was built with German help
just prior to WWII. It was used by US Forces
during the Korean War, with new construction
and additions. I was stationed there during
1952-1953. Anyone remember this large area
where bombs and chemicals were stored?
by David J Adair, Ph.D.  

Yamada-Danyakuko, Kokura, Kitakyusyu 2003/12/3 06:35
Yamada Ammo Depot became a park, or green tract of land named "Yamada Ryokuchi". You can see some pictures from the links below.

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Stationed at Yamada 2004/4/12 20:27
My husband, Millard Freeman, was stationed at Yamada 1952-1954, and we joined him and lived at Kitagata Housing Compound 1953-1954. We still look at the pictures of the great flood you all had. Were you there during that time?
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Yamada Ammo Depot 2004/4/14 06:57
I don't recall a flood when I
was there. I was incharge of
Maintenance and Repairs. Handled the contracts for the
added storage areas, and the
water purification systems. I was pulled from this assignment to handle the AAA
batteries being built around Itazuke AFB.
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Yamada Ammo Depot 2004/4/17 06:40
Millard was Personnel Sgt. Major, but he says he can't recall you. I think the flood was probably in the Spring of 1953 shortly before our daughters and I arrived.

Do you recall others there at the time. Sgt. Reiling and Lt. Moore were friends of his. Major Rising and Major Donaldson were two of the commanding officers during the time he was there, but he can't remember who was commanding officer when he arrived.

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1965,66 - Stationed at Yamada Ammo Depot 2004/6/24 06:01
I was stationed at Yamada during the Viet Nam conflict. At that time it was a US Air Force station with 34 staff. All Munitions Specialists. It was a truly beautiful spot with such an unfortunate function at that time.
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Yamada 51-53 2006/6/15 11:22
I was stationed at Yamada ammo depot (6404th AD Sq) from Nov 51 thru April 1953. I do not recall the names mentioned but memory grows dim as age creeps in. I do recall Yamada with fondness. Recently was in touch with then Lt. Magee who was stationed there same time period.
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Dependent of Army father in 1953 2006/6/19 03:26
My father W.O.J.G. Wm Meador was stationed there after he was in Korea. We lived in Camp Kitagata. Often went to Kokura for PX etc. Fond memories. I was in the 4th grade. Loved the people.
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Camp Kitagata 49-51 2006/7/27 03:43
We lived there while my stepdad MSgt Robert Walton, 24th ID was in Korea. I was in third grade, don't remember very much. It had movie theater, PX, commissary school, clinic dtc. Loved the food.
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Norman from Kitagata 2006/7/29 21:57
Norman, We loved to go to the PX and read the comic books, hike up to the water cave. Would swim in the wading pools behind the houses. Loved the school where many grades were in one room. We must have gone to same school, etc.
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Personnel at Yamada November 27, 1952 2007/1/6 09:47
I have the menu from Thanksgiving Dinner 1952 at Yamada Ammo Depot, and the following personnel were listed:
Major K. D. Rising
Capt. William J. Deurr
1st Lt. Keith W. McGee
2nd Lt. Elmer L. Bjelland
2nd Lt. Norman R. McClure
DAFC R. E. Echelberger

Albert G. Kresscanko
Rayford E. Chance
Jess M. Honse
Wiliam H. Reiling
Donald S. Shappell
Wilford E. Turner
L. S. Baker, Jr.
W. T. Blankenship
Luther L. Davison
Millard O. Freeman
Burnis Williams

Airmen 1st Class
Stanley F. Carr
Wilbur R. Griffin
John Maletta
Silas Williams

Airmen 2nd Class
Walter A. Allen
Byron D. Dunn
Howard M. Kilton
George G. Lucas
J. F. Magrath, Jr.
Rupert V. Moore
Wayne R. Palmer

Airmen 3rd Class
L. J. Bigelbach
A. J. Friesl, Jr.
John W. Harper
Alfred C. Hunt
Roy W. Kennedy
Joseph G. Perry
Morris Pierce
Robert A. Wilson

My husband would be interested in hearing from Sgt. Reiling and Lt. Moore since they were good friends. We also have quite a few photos of the area and of Kitagata. They bring back some fond memories to my husband and me.
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Pictures of Kitagata 2007/1/15 04:32
In reference to the Yamada Ammo Depot and those that resided in Kitagata. If you have pictures, would you please post some here? Please? Also, my email is flmeador@earthlink.net
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Closing of Yamada Ammo Depot 2008/7/4 08:27
I was stationed there 67-68 and 69-70. We started closing the the base in the spring of 1970 in preperation for returning it to the Japanese. Memories of TDYs to Thialand and Korea in 67 and 68. Being assigned as the Base
Supply Sgt when I came back for 2nd tour in 69-70. Which was definetly out of my MOS. All in all good times and good memories.
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1965 Bomb Renovation 2011/2/1 12:51
I was there in early 1965, as an A2c. Worked for SSgt Fitzgerald renovating M117's. remember MSgt Newton, Msgt. Penn, John Lockner. Recently was in contact. With Lt Bossi, who has written a book about his AF career. I was only there for six months before getting transferred to the Munitions Storage Area at Itazuke. best two assignments in my AF career. Would like to hear from anyone stationed at Yamada.
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Major Richard Kasper 2011/6/13 03:13
Dick was my first husband, commander of Yamada 68-71. He closed Yamada, and we were the last plane to leave Itazuki for Tachikawa and US. We were at Itazuki during the following base commanders Col Matlick, Col Aune and Col Lovelace. Yamada was beautiful and we visited there as often as possible. Our kids loved it also. There was a German shepherd dog named Duchess when I made my first visit to Yamada. Would love to here from anyone stationed at Yamada and Itazuki.
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Stationed at Yamada July 65 - August 66 2011/7/1 05:58
I was stationed at Yamada Ammunition Storage Annex from July 65 to August 66. SSgt Raymond Fitzgerald "Fitz" was ny NCOIC. Beautiful place with an ugly history. Knew about the POW camps nearby and around Itazuke and Fukuoka. It was rumored that the Japanese buried the POWs who built Yamada in the revetments when they died on site. The POW camp neaby had a crematorium. I spent time at the underground hangar at Itazuke getting checked out on the AIM-9. Taught an english class in Kokura. My next assignments took me to Homestead AFB, FL and then Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam. Fitz and i worked together in Munitions Control at Cam Ranh Bay
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Was there in '67 2011/7/19 23:16
I was stationed at Yamada in "67. A most enjoyable place. Went TDY for a couple of months to Utapao to build the bomb dump there, then back to Yamada.

Spent a lot of time roaming those hills inside the gates.

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Yamada 69-70 2011/9/22 16:42
Hi Wilson, I think I remember you well, do short pains on the bus ring a bell? Were you called 'Stilts'? I had my son in January of '70... Send me a message and we can catch up!
re: Pat Spiliotis
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69-70 Betty Muterspaugh 2011/9/22 16:53
I don't believe you and I actually met, but I did meet Richard Kasper. I made an impression he didn't quickly forget when I said..."It's very nice to meet you Sgt." Nick would not take me back on base until I had memorized the rank structure. I'd love to chat with you.
re: Pat Spiliotis

Trisha Keel
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Re: Yamada Ammo Depot 2011/10/7 01:23
I was stationed at Yamada Camp in 67, my first overseas station, went from there to NKP Thailand. Beautiful place considering it was a bomb dump.
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