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Muslim in Japan 2007/5/22 19:32
my friend and her family are a good practising muslim. They planned to go Osaka this coming June. She is wearing "hijab" everytime she is in public. Is there any problem for her upon arriving to Osaka/Japan? Are there any muslim restaurants around Osaka/Kobe?
Your inputs & comments are welcome. Please enlighten us.

Thanks !!
by Inai  

no problem 2007/5/23 12:26
I don't think you will have any problem.
I work with a muslim lady who wears a hijab, and it doesn't seem to be any problem.
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Muslim in Japan 2007/5/23 13:29
We are a muslim family vsiting Japan in June. Can we met any Muslim in Tokyo.
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security 2007/5/23 20:14
Japanese police dont mess with security at their airports, and from what I have heard long beards and burkhas can be problematic. Some people are said to have been sent back to their countries of origin. Good luck anyway.
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Muslim in Japan 2007/5/23 21:50
Hi Ali, its good if we can meet up with muslim bro/sis unfortunately, i'm afraid that we wont be able to go to Tokyo. We'll be staying in Kobe and might move around as far as Osaka & Kyoto, InsyaAllah.
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Muslim In Japan 2007/5/24 14:32
Halo Inai-san,

InsyaAllah we shall try to go otehr places also while we are in Japan. Maybe, osako and yokohama. I wish to meet your family with family when we come. Please contact me if you prefer @ macraffles@hotmail.com. Shuran
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Friend 2008/1/11 14:48
I'm muslim gal from Singapore, looking for a pen-pal muslim in Japan.
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Penpals 2008/1/11 14:56
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Dave 2008/1/11 15:01
That search doesn't include a Religion filter... but I'm sure it's a good place to start.
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