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present for woman friend 2007/5/31 06:50

I'm a french man and i have meet a japanese woman in paris. At the second meeting she offered me nice chopstick and a book call Warashibe choja, so i would like offer her something for thank her but i have no idea.
So if somebody can give me idea, thank you in advence
by Olivier  

Since no one seems to be reponding 2007/6/1 17:21
I'd love to recieve anything French from a Frenchman! Everything in France is so sophisticated, even the ones in the lowest prices! If she gave you chopsticks and a book, why not give her a pretty French spoon and a French picture book or something? Anything!
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arigatou Uco 2007/6/1 17:29
Thank you for your help Uco it help me this woman help me to learn japanese so i want something nice, i have think about chocolate, do you thing it's good idea?
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Warashibe chouja is a mystery 2007/6/1 21:18
Chocolate is nice.
But why do you think she gave you a book Warashibe chouja?
Perhaps,she is expecting you to give her a mansion or a castle.
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thank you yoko 2007/6/2 02:36
Hi Yoko

I don't think she offered me a book Warashibe chouja she really did it, she offered me with the chopstick when i have meet her the secong time, it's all write in japanese but i found the story in english on net it's good story. Is it strange present?
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. 2007/6/2 06:42
If she was a French woman what would you get her, now, get her that gift.
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Looking for kimekomi supplies in US 2007/6/2 06:55
I was wondering where I could find kimekomi doll supplies in the US, particulary in Wisconsin. If you know where to find some could you please write back. I also need to know what the supplies are.
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no idea 2007/6/2 08:39
hi John
If she was french woman it's will be the same i'm bad for offer present i have never idea
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chocolates are great! 2007/6/2 15:52
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awww 2007/6/2 18:55
Ty Uco for your help, it's sad i'll can't offer her chocolate, yesterday i have talk with you on internet and i asked her if she like chocolate she said yes but she stop eat it cause she's on diet and when she have eat it she had buttons hahaha, anyway ty for your help Uco
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Make her happy 2007/6/2 23:38
Give her an inexpensive piece of jewelry, like a necklace, broach, perfume, etc. made in France. If she refuses it, offer her an engagement ring.
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Thank you Ken 2007/6/3 01:34
Than you for your idea i have think about iy but i'm affraid she think i want be her boy friend and run hahaha
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Presents 2007/6/23 08:20

What I have found with many of the Japanese I have met is that they show appreciation for any gift and kindness offered or given.

In addition getting something that is clearly from another country or culture always scores high points. My friends really like getting things that are "very American" for example.

Do the same.

You did not say where in France you are from, but for instance if you are from Paris, a picture book from the Musee d'Orsay, or a simple inexpensive piece of art that you buy from the artist selling his art on the street.

If you are not from Paris, then something from your area. Perhaps a jar of some local preserves, or a picture book of the region.

If you are trying to thank a friend for a kind gesture, then keep it simple and heart felt. If you are trying to thank and impress a "lady", my advice is keep it simple and heart felt and leave the rest to time.

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Chocolat oui mais pralines belges.. 2008/2/27 12:38
Salut,Je viens de lire ton texte et sans ma repons est tres tardive mais le chocolat est une excelente idee. Offre lui (si pas deja fait)des pralines belges. J'en ai fait l'experience tout recemment avec une connaissance japonaise. Je ne te dit pas sa recation! Surtout si elle n'en n'avait pas goutez au prealable....
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How about flowers? 2008/2/28 16:10
Most of women in Japan love flowers and we are really glad to be presented flowers
since we don't have much chance.

But if you are looking for something she can keep for a long time, I recommend an inexpensive pinky ring.
Pincy ring is said to bring happiness in Japan.
On the other hand, I think it might be a lot better to ask your French female friends;
when you give the present, you can say "It is popular in French" and she can get something really French.
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