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Takayama ryokan - which? 2007/5/31 07:19
In Takayama- ryokans Hakuun, Kaminaka or Rickshaw?
which one to prefer?
Help highly appreciated.
by Msha  

... 2007/6/1 00:46

I'll be in Takayama also and I reserve a room at Sumiyoshi Ryokan.
I cancelled my booking at Rickshaw Inn due to looking to stay at the antique place within my budget.
Both of them have the good review.
All the best in looking for the accomodation that suit you.

Enjoy your holiday!
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thank you 2007/6/1 04:23
Thank you Rudy! I will consider your suggestion also.
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Rickshaw Inn 2007/6/1 14:01
Rickshaw Inn is fantastic. Great sized rooms, a lovely common room with fireplace etc, really good location and the staff were very helpful & nice to me (I had a 2 night stay)
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... 2007/6/1 17:24
Of the three places, I am only familiar with the Rickshaw Inn, and I personally don't like it, because it is almost exclusively used by foreign guests, and the service is adjusted to the needs of foreign travelers. I personally don't like that. I prefer to stay at "authentic" Japanese ryokan.

Another reason why I don't like it is the fact that they don't store your luggage after check-out.

On the other hand, I have to admit that it is good value (pricewise), especially when compared to similar "ryokan for foreigners" across Japan.
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been to Hakuun 2007/6/4 18:41
last april,i stayed at Hakuun,small ryokan on the hill(20 rooms).nice place and nice view.they have a pick-up service from the train station.their hot spring is small but lovely.the hotel has a shortcut to walk to town and the red bridge.the service is great.
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Thank you 2007/6/9 03:44
Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences.
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cheapest place 2007/6/13 22:45
which is the cheapest place to stay in Takayama? I am supose to stay 2-3 weeks so i need something really cheap.I dont mind is it poor or not. Just need a roof and bed. :)
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Takayama 2007/6/15 02:31
There is one youth hostel in Takayama and it's about a 20-30 minute walk from the station...not difficult at all. I stayed there and it was perfect for a budget traveller such as me. Internet was provided, a fridge, showers, etc. Tensho-ji was the name and it was about 3000 yen per night.
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Thanks 2007/6/15 22:49
Anyone else with another example?
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Minshuku Sosuke 2007/6/18 06:13
I saw this in the ad section while viewing Takayame on japan-guide. Thought it looks pretty cozy at a reasonable price. I was going to check them out in August during my trip.

Maybe you could chck it out for me :)
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rickshaw inn 2007/6/21 14:15
I agree with Uji on the Rickshaw Inn. We stayed there last month for 3 nights.
It was clean, pleasant and all but the service is definitely geared towards an all foreigner clientele. I can't quite explain what this means but anyhow, I prefer ryokans with both Japanese and foreign guests.

The price is very reasonable though!
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RE:Minshuku Sousuke 2007/6/22 17:02
Me and my 2 kids stayed at minshuku sousuke last month.
The rooms are clean and easily accommodated the 3 of us.The bathroom is great.The food was excellent (Hida beef mmmm!!!) and Keiko-san was a very polite and friendly host.
Only 5 mins from the train station.Very easy to find.
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same minshuku in Takayama 2007/6/25 19:52
Hi Baggy and everybody,
I am going to stay in Sousuke minshuku in September so it is nice to have opinion from somebody who stayed there. Is it easy to find this minshuku after getting of bus from Shirakawa-go?
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Iwatakan 2007/6/27 01:36
I'm staying at a minshuku called Iwatakan. 4950 + 2400 dinner + 950 breakfast. the meals are optional. Free bicycle for use.. My Japanese friend stayed there last year and she enjoyed it.. (and she is quite picky)
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minshuku called Iwatakan? 2007/6/27 02:46
I'll check about it. Thanks.
I wonder are there any more places to stay which are not presented on the net? I posted a question about it few days ago, but someone erased it.I wonder why.
Something it really necesary to make a reservation for accommodation in Takayama or can i just appear and ask for a room? I'm not visiting during any matsuri.
Thank you
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Well... 2007/6/27 08:10
Well, if you want a nice place and cheap, I suggest you reserve a spot. Nice AND cheap places do not last. Otherwise, you might find yourself, walking around asking if there is a free room - this is also Takayama - not everyone will be able to speak English.
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useful website 2007/6/27 23:58
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I stayed at Yasuda Pension 2007/6/30 13:54

I just came back from Japan trip last week.

I stayed at Yasuda Pension at Takayama. You can stayed there for as low as 6400 yen without bathroom. I posted pictures in my blog if you would like to see it:
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Wanda 2007/7/2 00:11
The bus and train stations are next to each other.
In front of the train station is the Takayama Tourist Info.
They will give you directions, but its very easy to find.Walk past the train station, past the convenience store, to the traffic lights.Turn right, go over the bridge, past the jeans outlet and its the building just before the cemetery.
Hope you enjoy your stay as much as we did.
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