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Proper teacher attire in schools 2007/6/4 10:51
Nagasaki City
I will be traveling to Japan as part of a sister city school program to schools in the Nagasaki area. What is the appropriate level of dress for a female teacher in these schools? Also, what is the custom in schools for teachers and slippers? Thanks!
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varies 2007/6/5 11:38
It varies widely from school to school. It's best to ask someone who works at the school. You will probably need indoor shoes - sneakers or slip-on shoes.
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... 2007/6/5 21:29
Some schools might have dress codes, but if you're just visiting, anything you'd wear to a business meeting will be just fine. Something even more casual is also accepted.

As for slippers, most public facilities including elementary and high schools require slippers, but they always have enough for their guests. Socks or nylon stockings are appreciated as opposed to bare feet.

However, I have met a foreign gentleman with very huge feet and none of the slippers available didn't fit. If the inner side of your shoes are no longer than 27 centimeters, than no problem.

By the way, my teenage son has had a teacher who had a big Einstein printed on the back of his white robe, or a male black language teacher who wears black from hat to toe. Very good "tools" to attract the young students without annoying the parents :)
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Question 2007/6/24 05:31
Hi all

What is the dress code for male teachers in Japan, is it the shirt and tie usually or is there a more relaxed dress code?

Many thanks
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Garifield 2007/6/24 12:21

Please read the thread first and be specific about what you didn't understand. Thanks.
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based on working experience 2007/12/21 14:29
Hello all, I've been working as a teacher for a months now here in Nagasaki so I feel like I can answer this pretty clearly. Basically it all depends on what level of school you are going to. Also, if you're only doing a ond day visit or so more formal attire would be recommended.

Elementary school - this may very, but as long as you're wearing pants and a shirt anything goes. I've got fellow teachers that wear jeans and tshirst or sweat suits on a daily basis.

Middle-school - Slightly more formal, something with a collar is reccomended. Either a polo shirt or button down long or short sleeve shirt. Jeans not okay. Tie not necessary unless it's a formal occasion.

High School - A shirt and tie is definitely recomended for High schools. Not quite business suit style, but close.

Hope this helps. As stated before, if you're only visiting then they will supply you with slippers. Unless you have feet above US 11 (Japan size 28) or so you should be fine. Otherwise consider bringing your own. Most places that require slippers in Japan are the same way.
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