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What can I bring back from Japan? 2007/6/4 12:30
I will be going to Japan in a week and I was wondering what kind of things are prohibited from being brought back from Japan to the US? I want to buy some Japanese sake and snacks among other things, so I dont want them confiscated by the US Customs.
by John  

. 2007/6/5 10:53
John, CBP (Customs and Border Protection) would confiscate would be any live plants or meat products.

Otherwise Sake, snacks are just fine. There might be limits to how much alcohol you bring back, however you can see all restricted material from the CBP website:

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luggage 2007/6/5 21:29
Remember that you will not be allowed to take sake (or any other bottles of liquid more than 100ml) in your cabin luggage- you must put it in your checked luggage.
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related question 2007/7/27 23:53
This is related, but not an answer - I want to bring back doujinshi and manga from Japan, some of it quite graphic. I was wondering if this is legal? I know that the "real" stuff is illegal in any form, but I was led to believe that because manga is drawn, it is not illegal.

Also, it may not be illegal at all. Searching the incredibly UNHELPFUL (or I wouldn't be asking this question) US Customs website seems to imply that only things depicting events that are illegal in the US (children, animals, etc) can't be brought back.

Anyone know?
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At a guess... 2007/7/28 00:24
I'd say illustrated graphic material is safe, as long as, like you say, it doesn't depict anything that may be considered illegal in your country or state.

To be on the safe side, put it in your hold luggage, not hand luggage. I'm pretty sure that kind of thing is permitted though.
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. 2007/7/28 02:02
Kelly, it wouldn't matter if it is in your hold/checked luggage or hand luggage. Customs checks all bags if you get selected for screening.

To answer the persons question, comics generally tend to be ok, as long as you don't have anything like illegal photos or drugs.
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related Question 2008/1/9 10:44
I have a question too. I'm planning on buying a backpack for my trip in July and plan on buying Idol dvd's & manga & other stuff to fill it up with. I don't have to pay to have it shipped home do i?
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For some . . . 2008/1/10 11:31
. . . reason, when I was in Hakodate, one gift shop refused to sell me a cheese snack. So I just bought it from the store next door, because I mean't to eat it while I was there anyway.

However I don't know what that's about as I don't think dairy products are prohibited.
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