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Harajuku Lovers Shoes? 2007/6/7 05:54
okay i was lookin in the recent cosmo girl and there were these really cute yellow harajuku lovers sneakers and i cant find them anywhere online or in the store anyone have any info on these shoes
by Yasmeen  

same question 2007/6/18 12:46
I know! I have been looking EVERYWHERE for them and I still haven't found them yet. I wonder if they are actually out to the public yet?
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Yellow Harajuku lovers num num sneakers. 2007/6/19 03:02
I know exactly what shoes your talking about. They are harajukyu lovers sneakers by Gwen Stefani and they will not be out untill July. Journys will have them availble online and only in a select few of its stores. There is another website that will also have them. July 1st is when they will be avaiable for purchase.
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HJ 2007/6/21 01:59
I love the Harajuku girls collection. I have a purse [TJ MAXX haha! 1/2 price]. I'm not bringing that purse to Japan though people would probably be like... wtf.
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I have them.. 2007/7/31 20:48
I just bought those shoes, yesterday infac. You can get them from Journeys online up to size 11. They are so cute and well worth the $65!!
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I SAW THEM YESTERDAY! 2007/8/7 03:02
argh! i found them at journey's but the only size they had were 7! :O i'm going crazy! i'm searching for them everywhere!
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Try Nordstrom 2007/8/10 01:27
The shoes are in the newest Nordstrom catalog. Try www.nordstrom.com
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Delias 2007/9/15 09:44
The yellow ones with little animals are in the new fall 07 delias catalog
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Where to get them 2008/2/27 13:03
I have the shoes you are looking for. I actually got mines at Against All Odds though they are sold at Nordstrom ; journeys ; etc. best found on internet
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shoes 2008/3/26 13:41
try www.piperlime.com or www.royalelastics.com
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