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Can you use a visa bucks card in japan? 2007/6/8 02:35
Hi, I'm a 17 y/o American student and I'll be spending 2 weeks in japan this summer. The leader of my trip suggested that we all have some money in Japanese currency, some in American, and some on a card. My problem is that on the Visa website it says nothing about using a buxx card overseas.And I'm not sure I'm old enough for their travel credit card. Any information would be helpful please.

by Sara J.  

. 2007/6/8 12:56
The Visa Buxx card should work just like any other Visa debit card, I did a quick search on the net and read people have had success using it in Japan, again I don't see why not, as it should be processed like any other visa card.
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. 2007/6/8 15:01
However, with that you should keep some cash, it should be Japanese currency, as shops probably would not accept any other sort of currency outside of the major airport. You can do currency exchange once you arrive at the airport.
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. 2007/6/8 15:39
I doubt it. When I stayed overseas, my Visa didn't work ANYWHERE, except in International atms (which were incredibly hard to find). Now, I'm reffering to the bank card. A credit card is another thing. However, my credit card also happened to be a Visa but I never asked to use it in stores. But I heard many places don't take it, so if you're not heading to an area with huge shops and franchises you may be unlucky. If anything, they may be the only ones who accept something like that.

I recommend Yen all the way. Just keep it safe and separated; carry the amount you plan to spend that day with you, and the rest in the place you're staying.
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oh 2007/6/8 15:42
Oh, I just read some of the other comments. Yeah, if it's a debit card, you'll have a hard time finding somewhere to withdraw the money so I wouldn't bother. But if you must, sometimes international ATMs can be found randomly in huge subway systems, in large department stores, and in post offices. They're usually in booths. Personally I've never spotted one in a bank. (Ironic...)

Good luck and have fun!
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. 2007/6/8 15:51
There are two things again.

Using your card to withdrawl from an ATM or using it at a point of sale/purchase (ie handing the card to the person operating a register). Visa cards work at point of sale/purchase places no matter where it is issued.

The problem people usually have is when trying to withdrawl money from ATMs.

The Visa Buxx card isn't a credit card, and it isn't a debit card, it is a prepaid card that acts like one.

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. 2007/6/8 15:52
I doubt it. When I stayed overseas, my Visa didn't work ANYWHERE, except in International atms (which were incredibly hard to find)

Where did you stay at? Every single city/town and village should have at least one post office, and post office atms normally work with international cards. Not to mention the 10,000 7-11 stores with ATMs that will accept international cards as well soon.
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Thanks 2007/6/13 02:50
Thanks so much for the helpful answers. My only other question is how expensive are things in Japan? The leader of my trip suggests taking about $25 US a day which is about $350. According a currency calculator online thats about 42,602.30 JPY. Should this be enough or will I need more?
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7-11 2007/9/18 12:29
I heard 7-11's are all over Japan and you can use your american bankcard to withdraw funds there at an excellent exchange rate... Can anyone verify that?
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oops 2007/9/18 12:36
I guess I should have read the entire thread, thanks for confirming that john!
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ATMs 2007/9/18 12:41
Yes, the new 7-11 ATMs accept international cards (Plus, Cirrus, Maestro etc.) and there are 7-11s almost everywhere. Shinsei Bank ATMs which are often found in Tokyo Metro stations also accept them.

Compared to 5 years ago it is much more feasible to use credit cards in Japan now.
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per diem 2007/9/18 13:31
Sarah J: your tour leader suggested US $ 25 per day for what?
meals, transportations, coffee breaks and stuff?
you need to be more explicit. Japan isn't anymore expensive than any of the major Western Countries. basic lunches can cost 600 yen to 1500 yen, dinners 1000 Y. to 2000 Y., but you can spend a bit less or a lot more, same as in the USA.
I often spend more for a giant yogurt sunday than for lunch, but they are sooo good. local buses or subways can cost 1000 yen a day max. US $ 25 would be OK only for an afternoon drink, a small snack and basic transportation.
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. 2007/9/18 13:54
Thats the problem with old threads getting ressurected. The OP probably already finished the summer trip already.
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another question about 7-11 ATMs 2007/9/25 02:00
Sorry to ressurect old threads, I'm sure this is useful to some all the same tho :) Me and my friends are about to head out to Japan in a few weeks, so now we are wondering if it is better to exchange money here in the US before we go or if we will get a better exchange rate out of the ATM at the 7-11s. My friend says his bank charges 1% on intl ATM's on top of the exchange rate and ATM fees. The best rate I could find in the states was about .0091464. Does anyone know about the fee's assessed for intl' withdraws at these machines and their typical exchange rate? Thanks for your quick responses!
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I always used a visa check card... 2007/9/25 04:42
It is definitely better to exchange your money in Japan, as you will get a better rate. I normally exchange a little money before I leave if it is convenient, just so that I can buy a soda or something if I want before hopping in line to exchange money. There will be an exchange kiosk at the airport, which is usually a little busy but the line moves quickly.

When I travel I don't put anything on credit cards... I use my bank visa check card. I was only charged a fee when I withdrew money at an ATM, and that was the standard transaction fee for using another bank's ATM. I have switched banks since I was last there though...

While you are there you will learn which ATMs to go to. Just look at the symbols on the back of your card, and watch for ATMs that have the same symbols on them (plus, interlink, etc)

I remember using CitiBank a lot, as well as one ATM type that I cannot remember the name of for the life of me... they were green and they had them just about everywhere. Also, there was usually an ATM that I could use at train stations. It was never a big problem really... I just always hit one up for cash when I found them so I never had to worry about running out.

And you will need to keep cash on you. There are plenty of shops (especially at tourist traps) that do not accept credit cards. It will also make your life much easier with admissions, train tickets, cab fare, etc.
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. 2007/9/25 07:32
The discussion on where to exchange is discussed heavily. use the search function on "currency exchange"

Many people recommend post office exchange, I personally just use the currency exchange booth at Narita Airport if I have cash. If I have money to pull out of a card I use Post Office ATMs and CitiBank(though Citibank ones are rare outside of Tokyo). 7-11's just started to take international cards.

Don't forget to check with your back to see what your daily withdrawl limit is, some also have weekly withdrawl limits.
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7-11's 2007/10/8 21:31
There are NO 7-11's in Takayama - just in case anyone was wondering ;-)
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