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Prepaid phone card in Japan 2007/6/11 20:25
We are on our first day in Osaka and have found that it costs alot of money to call Australia from Japan i.e. 1000 yen for 6 minutes. Is there any cheaper phonecard to get?
by Salada  

. 2007/6/13 01:34
Search this forum for "brastel".
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Brastel good way to start, but.... 2007/6/16 21:40
Can you please give a little info about what type of phone you are calling to? That is calling mobile in Australia?
Also from what type of phone are you calling from? Fixed (home or office), IP (050-) phone or from mobile phone?

Meanwhile, check

If you have internet, you may be interested in skype which offer many payment options, or, which is cheapest but only accepts Moneybookers for payment, $0.16 per minute to mobile or $0.01 per minute to land line
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Also check 2007/6/16 22:02
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Try Free calling card 2007/6/17 02:41
Try I think there rates are reasonable with good quality. I belive you can try their calling card free.
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. 2007/6/17 11:18
Thanks all for the info.
by Salada rate this post as useful

Sadia Card 2007/10/13 00:30
Just a follow-up to the previous question and for the benefit of others. I recently visited Japan and got a "Sadia Card" ( which had very cheap rates back to Australia. I spent 2,000 yen all up for a few hours of calls back to AU. Call quality was reasonable, and certainly muchhh cheaper than my previous experiences with NTT, KDDI, Brasstel etc.


by hardya rate this post as useful

SADIA CARD 2007/11/8 22:56
Hi hardya ,
I will be visiting Japan soon and would like to try this card.Please confirm if I can use this card in any public or hotel phone?
Thank you in advance for your info.
by liem rate this post as useful

just in case Hardya not see this 2007/11/10 08:53
hi liem

if you email with your address in Japan (in Romaji),they will send you a blank Sadicard.(you can order more than one)

after you get your card go to convinient store (surief,circleK,familymart,lawson,sunkus) and charge your card with ATM-ish machine. (ask store attendant for assistance)

each time you call,you need to dial number printed on back of your card (access number & PIN number) followed by your destination number. so basically you can call from any phone.

you can recharge your card any time at above convini store. 2000yen for 8hours call to Australia is very good deal i think im gonna get one today.
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prepaid phone card in japan 2007/12/11 21:22
use brastel (, u can recharge at any convinience store (e.g. watson). dial from yr docomo mobile to Aus landline 25 yen per min, and 48 yen per min to Aus mobile. this rate is assuming that u are in tokyo area. any other area the cost will differ by a penney. hope it serves ur purpose. enjoy yr trip
by Kamal K.Bali rate this post as useful

phonecard from Australia to Japan 2010/6/30 20:22
Hi Salada,

When we went to Japan, we found a couple of great calling card comparison sites. Hope these help:
by adaidweb rate this post as useful

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