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Frogs Significance? 2003/12/17 13:05
What is the significance of the frog in Japanese customs/traditions?
by Chris  

Froggies 2003/12/18 09:04
"Frog" in Japanese is "kaeru." While the kanji/kana involved in writing the words are different, it is pronounced the same way you say "return/to return" (also "kaeru").

As it has been explained to me, frogs can be linked with things/or people returning to a place or origin. They are lucky to keep around so that money, friends, good things stuff which you usually see off or give away will at some point "kaeru" or come back.

In short, it is a play on words.

If I messed it up, someone please correct me.
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significance 2003/12/18 21:57
The frog often appear in literature,Tanka(31syllable japanese poem),Haiku in the history.
Often the frog was described as a symbol of Spring or Summer.
Some described them positively,some did negatively.So I can't generalize the significance.

Personaly I think the frog is a symbol of Tsuyu(rainy season).

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ornimental frog 2005/12/13 22:07
I got this from a retired person in the marines served on Okinawa. He used it for luck and put on top of his delt cards in a poker game.He hoped it woudl bring me the good fortune/luck bestowed upon him.It is all red,something green in its mouth,two purple ribbons coming from the sides of mouth.Pls give me any in formation reagrding this and thanks.
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Good Luck 2005/12/15 12:32
This might have just been a passing fashion statement, but when I was in high school in Japan every girl had frog stickers or dolls to bring good luck.

They are a sign of spring and therefore youth. If you keep one for a pet they are suppose to bring good fortune.

Also, there is a pun.
お金が返る。(Money returns)
Which sounds like,
お金が蛙。(Money is frog)
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Keep 2005/12/17 10:53
small frogs together with the money, then you will come back soon (but I don't know, if the money spent for your trip will return or not:)
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Cute purse 2006/3/27 03:14
I have a cute, little pentagon shaped purse that has a snap button in the shape of a frog(kaeru). My teacher's Japanese wife gave it to me as a present and explained what the frog was for, as mentioned before, how it's for good luck and that money will 'return', etc. I keep my collection of Japanese money in it. (I like collecting foreign currency.)
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todichiinii 2006/3/27 03:33
Will, are you a Navajo? Because I'm a Navajo too, and my first clan is Todich'ii'nii. Ya'a't'eeh!
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Tombo-dragonflies in Japanese culture? 2006/4/8 04:28
It is interesting discussion, indeed!
Could you add something more about significance of dragonflies in Japanese culture?
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Frog products 2007/7/30 11:57
where can I get frog related products(t-shirts,bags,hats) in Kansai area? Especially Kermit the Frog.

Thank you
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