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ferry from fukuoka to busan 2007/6/16 19:03
i am wanting some information of the ferry from fukuoka to Busan,Korea. iread previous posts but i couldnn't get the english links to open. Can anyone tell me approximate cost and how long it takes? Also if the service runs everyday? Thanks
by bec  

... 2007/6/18 12:01
Official English website of one of the ferry companies:
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What about night ferry - Camilia 2008/3/9 08:08
Does the Camilia night ferry from Seoul to Fukuoka has a English website too?
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... 2008/3/9 10:01
Here's the Korean website:

Sorry, I couldn't find an english version. Anyway, all the ferries to Japan appear to run from Busan. I don't know if there is a direct connection to Seoul.
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hope this helps 2009/6/28 10:32
I see these posts are old! But, I'm gonna post this link anyway in case it is helpful to anyone else who stumbles upon this page!

This is a site I found when I was looking for different ferry options from Busan to Fukuoka. Here's the link that mentions the names of the ferry. You can search around the rest of the website and it will take you to links to the ferries different websites. Although, some well def be in Korean or Japanese. Sorry! Hope it helps a little! =)
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oops... 2009/6/28 10:33
Ok... I realize I didn't put the link! =/

Here it is...
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Fukuoka-Pusan-Camelia/Beetle 2010/10/1 08:22
1) New Camelia Ferry is an overnight ferry transportation listed as 6 hrs travel time.,intl_ferry,0,...

2) Kobee/Beetle2 Ferries operated by Mirejet
take 2hrs 55 mins travel time:

you might also want to check further info:

by Susan A (guest) rate this post as useful

Fukuoka-Busan travel time 2010/10/10 00:14
I'm also currently gathering information for a possible side-trip to Korea (for about 2 days) from Fukuoka, when I will be traveling around Kyuushuu next spring.
Night Ferry would be a good option to save time and (hotel)money. The 6 hour travel time for the New Camellia ferry seems to be only counting the oversea travel, but I read you have to add 2 hours before check in, time for customs at the border at check-out.
And it seems the ferry arrives early in the morning, but actually waits (?) several hours at the harbour until about 8am to un-board.(?)
So traveltime in all seems to be much more if my calculations are correct and what I read is true ... 5pm (ferry leaving at about 7pm) ... after customs check out around about 9am = 16 hours :-( ... counting 8 hours sleep is still 8 hours (lost).
I wonder what the actual time would be with the "3 hour" high-speed Jet (Beetle/Kobee) during the day ?
by sankukai rate this post as useful

timetables departures 2010/10/10 00:25
... from what I can find further ...

''Kampu Ferry Service from Shimonoseki to Pusan : sailing overnight and departing daily at 18:00 arriving 08:30''

''Camellia Line Hakata to Pusan by conventional ferry, (only in Korean). Sails overnight (22:00-06:00) in one direction, by day (12:30-18:00) in the other.''

I'm still looking for the actual time tables ...
by sankukai rate this post as useful

. 2010/10/10 02:01
The Beetle takes ~3 hours. I have taken it @80kph(50mph). It is built by Boeing & run by JR. You can spare the miserable seasickness. There is no holding time. If you take a ferry from Shimonoseki, check on the fuel surcharge, port fees, etc.
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