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Map of Kofu, Yamanashi, Japan 2007/6/18 05:37

I'm going to Yamanashi next year and need to find out few more things.
Do you know if there is street map of Kofu and Kawaguchiko area, or maybe some info about communication, transport.

Thanks for help and if you need any info about Poland let me know:))

by Sebastian  

Web 2007/6/24 23:13
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... 2007/6/26 02:53
thanks Baron
appreciate this...

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Kofu 2007/6/26 06:21
I was in Kofu fall of 2003. It is a very nice place and you will find foreigners of many countries there. Although I never did it, I was told you can get an english guide map of Yamanashi ken from the city hall. [On the main street leading to the train station-'Heiwa Dori' i think] It has a detail of central Kofu including Kawaguchiko. Staff at city hall should also be able to direct you to contacts for several 'friends of foreigner' clubs and language groups. If i remember it is about 15 minute walk to the central train station from Kawaguchi. On a hill northeast of the station square is the site of old Kofu Castle, there is a nice view from the top. It is about 5 minute walk. On a good day you can see the upper half of Mt. Fuji from anywhere in town.
If you come from Narita you may want to use 'Yamanashi Kotsu' it is a highway bus and takes about 3 hours for the trip.[at that time about Y6,000] Also, if you want a good source of detailed Japan maps check out the local Y100 shops. 'The Map'[Za-Mapu] series covers every 'ken' in detail but of course they're all in Japanese.
I hope this may answer some of your questions and, good luck!
MP yori
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... 2007/6/27 03:39
thanks a lot mate...
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To Sopak 2007/6/30 11:02
I found the map i had mentioned the other day so i can give you the exact information from it [It may be dated by now though]
'Yamanashi guide map'
produced by
2-2-3 Iida,
Kofu Shi, Yamanashi Ken
post code 400-0035 Japan
tel. 055-228-5419
[There is a webpage too]

I have not confirmed any of the information myself but you can try in on your own. Good Luck! MP
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to Mart 2007/7/3 05:41
thx a lot mate...
really appreciate your help.
I need to find something on net...need a map before go to Yamanashi.
Will try to find this website...

once more thanks a lot
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Yamanashi 2007/11/17 21:10
Hello. I have been living in Yamanashi for quite a few years, and while I don't have a map for you, I would be happy to answer any other questions you might have!
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