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Naoshima 2007/6/24 10:11
I am seeking updates about Naoshima, the inland sea island with the famous collections of contemporary sculpture and installation art.

I have actually been there to visit the Benesse Museum, but in the last 2 years a new museum, the Chichu, has opened. Like Benesse it was designed by Tadao Ando, master of integrating buildings into landscape.

Has anyone been there recently? Is it feasible to do both museums in one day?

Are there any other new local developments?
by Pericles  

Naoshima and Yumebutai 2007/8/30 21:05
Pericles you guide folks to these places do you ? I'd be interested in a dialogue.
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I'm here 2007/8/30 23:34
... but I am in between gigs, so I won't be checking all the time.

Don't take it personally if I am slow to respond.
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Yes but 2007/8/31 13:58
So how do I get in contact with you ? Explain more on 'you take folks to Naoshima etc'
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... 2007/8/31 14:21
Have you seen this site yet:

Also, this blog has an interesting post on a trip to both Benesse and Chichu Museums:
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... 2007/8/31 15:20
Thanks for those links. Very interesting, esp the amusing blog.

how do we do this? I don't want to get emails from people I don't know, soliciting, asking advice etc.

In a nutshell, I lived in Japan for a long time, including years studying at university and working in various design gigs. I travelled around a lot.

Where I live (not Japan) I have a minor reputation as a Japan/Asia architecture/culture/mountain maven, and take specialised tours to Japan several times a year.

Some are historic, some contemporary, some for walkers, cooks, artists, gardeners or readers; others a combination.

Obviously I speak and read Japanese, and happily avoid the beaten track. I like that Japan has secrets, and I am often impressed by conversations on this site.

It reminds me that no question is truly dumb.
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... 2007/8/31 18:05
The easiest way for you to get in touch without publicly posting your contact info would be for one of you to post a classified ad and the other respond to it.

Expanded member options are slated to become available within the year. Hopefully ;)
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OK then let's continue the dialogue 2007/9/1 14:09
OK Pericles. Then it seems we have a lot in common. So I see you are no longer in Japan. I am looking for someone to interface for my tours in the Kansai area. By this I mean 'katareru hito' in J terms. I have Sapporo tied up, and need someone for the art portion which includes Awaji and Naoshima. I'm in Sydney
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well well! 2007/9/1 17:13
And guess where I am?
Clue: between Leichhardt and Glebe.

My mobile: 0415 783 739

You'll probably get my voicemail, because I am juggling baby minding duties.

But I will call back.
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We might have already met 2007/9/2 13:09
Did you sell me a rice cooker way way back ? You were backstreet Glebe then, behind Pyrmont. Whens' your next trip over ? I am sked to be there Oct.
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