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Nikon D200 can i buy one in Tokyo 2007/6/28 15:48
I'm in the market for a Nikon D200. I'll be in tokyo over the next couple of days. any suggestions as to where i can purchase one and how much can i expect to pay.

Thank you
by Carlos Bautista  

a guide line 2007/6/28 16:52
Bigcamera and Yodobashi are the biggest chain stores for consumer electronics. Here are their web links to give you some ideas


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... 2007/6/28 22:10

Is it the price in the website is quite updated?.
is it include 10% tax?.
I saw NIKON D40, price at 63,200 yen at Yodobashi.

Is it cheaper to buy in a big store compare to the smaller store in Akihabara or Den Den Town?


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... 2007/6/29 00:25
Yes, the price is updated. I believe tax is 5%, not 10%, and the price listed in the website includes tax already.

I am not sure if it is cheaper to buy from chain stores or smaller shops. The chain stores have outlets in Akihabara too so you can check the prices there, that can be part of the fun :)
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... 2007/6/29 08:31
If you are Yodobashi card-holder, you can get 6320 points (equal to 10% worth of the price.) This point-card system is similiar to flight milage. You can use 6320 yen (or less than 6320 yen) for your next purchase.

According to KAKAKU.COM, a price-checking HP, shop price for D20 Lense Kit is from 51870 yen.

I fully agree with Donna. It is a fun to see several shops!
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Value? 2007/6/29 13:08
The gcheapesth current price for the D200 (body only) in Japan is 148,999yen at E-Trend, at Akihabara (according to Kakaku.com) (this is not cheaper than normal prices at BicCamera or Yodobashi), minus 10% with point card though)


The map on the web site is not very good. Suehirocho subway station is the station shown on the left, and E-Trend is about 40m east of the station. JR Akihabara station is off the map at the bottom. From there, take the gElectric Townh exit, go to the right after the ticket gates. Then go left up to the main road. Turn right and follow the road north (it is the main road (top to bottom) on that map. Follow it until you can see the subway entrance, and walk another 20m to the crossroad lights. Go across, and turn right. E-Trend is inside a curve glass entrance about 20m along next to a small lane.

You can also get a D200 with ED 18-70mm lens kit, 176,000yen.

The cheapest is at EC-Powers

To find it, walk past E-Trend, and then follow the map (the intersection at left is the same one as in the E-Trend map)

Prices at BicCamera:
Body: 164,400yen, minus 10% if you have a point card.
D200 with 18-70mm lens kit: 208,000yen, minus 10% if you have a point card.

The D200 is not much cheaper in the discount shops.

On the other hand many other cameras are a lot cheaper. The D200 is more a premium camera, so the price is not very flexible.

Yesterday I bought a Canon EOS Kiss X(same as 400D or the Rebel XTi) for a friend.
It was 67,800yen, but at Bic, it's 89,000yen.

Nikon D80
At Bic
Body: 109,800yen
Body + DX18-70 lens kit: 144,800yen

Body: 91,800yen
Body + DX18-70 lens kit: 117,500yen
Body + DX18-135 lens kit: 121,000yen

I'd buy the D80 !!!!
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... 2007/6/29 19:13
May I know whether the Camera warranty bought from Japan is an International warranty or local? For Nikon and Canon.

Thank you.
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local 2007/6/29 19:45
They both have local warranty, but the lenses should be world wide warranty.

The only one to have world wide warranty anywhere is Olympus.
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Bargain 2007/8/6 07:34
is it possible to know where did you get that bargain?
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Bargain? 2007/8/7 12:31
Marcos, if you meant this one:
Canon EOS Kiss X(same as 400D or the Rebel XTi)
It was 67,800yen, but at Bic, it's 89,000yen.

The price has dropped.

You can get it at Outlet Plaza for 64,000yen.
(There is no longer a map on the site though)

There is also Nisshin, for 65,300yen.
Click on the map kanji:mn}non the website.

If you find it difficult to locate these places, I sometimes run shopping tours in Tokyo. However, I guess maybe I'm not supposed to advertise that here!!!
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Uh 2007/8/7 22:29
Thanks Sandy,
it appears that 64000 is the general price...
as you have bought some stuff in those shops, I guess they are reliable, aren't they?
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price 2007/8/8 12:35
The general price in the chain stores is still 89,000yen.

These smaller stores are reliable. Usually, if something goes wrong in the first month, you take it back to the store.

After that, you need to take it to the manufacturer, but it will still be under its normal warranty.
The discount stores give limited service in such cases.
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EOS Kiss X 2007/8/9 17:19
Just visited Yodobashi Camera in Osaka last week and was able to buy Canon EOS Kiss X kit(same as 400D and Rebel X). The price was about 99,000. This include and extra EF 55-200mm lens and a 2G compact flash. This is totally cheap price already. Just present your passport to get a tax free price and ask to give you more discount after deducting the tax. I did this and went home winner.
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price drop 2007/8/10 12:47
Actually, I noticed just yesterday, that the Canon EOS Kiss X (=400D) body has dropped to only 69,000yen in BicCamera.

Based on this price drop, I think there must be a new model Canon DSLR coming out soon!!!
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great deal for Canon 400D 2007/8/12 00:18
I am back home (Philippines) and very much contented with my decision of buying the kit in Yodobashi,Japan. Just yesterday, I went to some malls here including Canon Philippines and I was surprised that the price is way too high. If you are comfortable with the price (where you think you can save much) than buying the same in your country then, you should buy it in Japan. It's worth it. Though no English manual, you can always download it in the net.
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D200 & D80 price 2008/9/4 11:55

Anyone has the latest & cheapest price for D200 & D80 in Akihabara? Also the shop's name. I woudl ask this because no D700 & D90 already released and I expect to get a good price of D80

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old 2008/9/5 12:34
The D200 was superceded a while ago, so there are very few around, and they are expensive (108,000yen is the cheapest)

The D80 can be found for 62,000yen (body only in both cases)
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D80 price 2008/9/15 15:13
Sandy, i'd like to know the updated price of Nikon D80 (Body with Lens + DX18-135 lens kit)

where is the cheapest shop for buying this camera?
(i'll go to japan this Oct and i think i'll go to Aihabara, is it offer me a reasonable price?)
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