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Kanji-Teaching Nintendo DS Games 2007/6/29 11:27
Can someone describe the interface, uses, and advantages of each of these games?

*DS Rakuhiki Jiten

*Kanji Sonomama Rakubiki Jiten
Kageyama Method - Dennou

*Hanpuku: Tadashii Kanji Kaki to Rikun

*Shikakui Atama wo Maruku Suru: DS Kanji no Shou
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. 2007/7/29 15:32
I'd love some info as soon as possible. If I can't order it within the next few days it will be too late.
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200 kanji? 2007/8/1 17:48
I have the ds game 200 kanji? (I can't read the kanji XD)

anways its yellow and by IE institute.

Its really good to memorize your kanji for strokes, the meaning, ect. they do it vise versa in some cases too.

You write the kanji with your stylus, which is sometimes hard because it can't read it if you write the strokes wrong or its too messy.

A down on this is that you could get the answer by scribbling something similar to the answer.

The game has the real test and practice which gives you hints, ect. they grade you and give you an answer sheet. Of course the game changes the questions in the same level.

My friends who tried it said its a bit hard for beginners because their is a timer and it is very easy to make mistakes.

Anyways its great for studying before a quiz or test. NOT for first timers.
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