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Will I feel too Tall? 2003/12/31 10:15
I'm 5'9" Will I feel out of place?
by SubaruB4  

175 cm 2003/12/31 11:03
First of all, if my calculation is correct, 5'9" are 175 cm.

I think that 175 cm is actually a little bit below the average height of young Japanese men today. So, among Japanese men in their 10s, 20s and 30s you will hardly stick out.

I am 179 cm, and get constantly overtowered by Japanese men in morning traffic on the Saikyo Line.

It is a different story among older generations, whose average height is smaller.

My overall answer: Your 175cm will probably not be a factor for you feeling out of place, unless you join a group of Japanese women in ther 60s in a tea ceremony or the like.
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Thanks! 2003/12/31 11:33
ahh Ok I feel better now
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1.87 2003/12/31 22:43
I am 1.87 tall, and during my last trip to Japan (last november) I sometimes even felt small compared with some young Japanese guys!
So, don't worry, with 1.75 you won't feel tall, it's more likely that you feel small,lol. Futhermore, not only some of the young Japanese guys are tall, but also some of the young Japanese girls! I have met a girl who was working at the Mr Donut's at the Kyoto station building, and she was 1.92 !!!!
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A little tall 2004/4/5 10:10
Height has been rising umong the japanese but the last study i read said the average height was around 5'5'' for men and women being an average of 5'0'' of course i think this is a bit outdated and probably more centered on pure blooded japanese

in other words you'll brobably be a bit tall but not drastically so since theres tall people all over the world compared to their cultures.
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Wondering the same thing as Subaru 2005/8/12 01:42
Wow, I'm lucky I found this topic because I was just wondering the same thing!

It's been a dream of mine to go to Japan some day and I'm just curious, in case I do go sometime.

I'm about 6'0 (maybe a little less), I think that's about 1.83 meters or so, would I stick out very much? Considering I'm a girl and all?

I ask because a foreign family I know who used to live in Sapporo said that when they arrived everyone kept staring and all three of them are actually much shorter than me.

It's not a big deal, but I was just wondering. If someone could share an answer that would be great!! Thanks.
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Wow, wondering the same thing! 2005/8/12 20:21
Okay, well, good thing I found this post because I've been craving to know the same thing.

Anybody out there who can answer that question? I'm aroung 6'0 as well. It's been kind of a hassle just in the West, being the tallest since kingergarten, so I figure can't be any less so in Japan.

Thanks! ~Kimmie
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durrrrrrrrr 2005/8/31 23:37
this is the most pointlessthread ever. all over the world there are tall and short people. 6 ft is hardly gigantic, is it!?! sort it out!!!
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Calm down.... 2005/9/1 02:13
Hi owen,
Everyone has different concerns in this world. This is the place to come and ask questions. There is no need to make people feel bad because they had a specific concern about how their height would be preceived in Japan and they wanted some reassurance and some answers.

If you do not like this topic (question) no one forced you to read it. Have you heard this expression? "If you can't say anything good about someone, don't say anything at all." You are certainly entitled to your opinion but why insult others for theirs. Lets live and let live, OK owen. :)
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NOOOOOOOOO 2005/9/1 06:58
I was totally shocked when i got to japan because i thought everyone would be tiny, but i was supprised to see that not only is there tall japanese but also as a race they are getting fatter, nowhere near english or american standards but def bigger, i wonder if this has anything to do with the amount of western food available?
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.. 2005/9/1 07:21
I highly doubt so.
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Getting fatter 2005/9/1 16:23
I also have the impression that lots of young kids, especially boys, are getting fatter nowadays compared to when I came to Japan for the first times years ago. But I haven't seen any news articles about this in the Japanese press like we see in Europe where youth obesity is getting a real problem.
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... 2005/9/1 17:59
It is a matter of degree but the Japanese newspapers sometimes had the reports on the obesity. In general, Japanese kids are getting taller and fatter. The fast food plays not a small role on this issue too. The parents are so busy in this industrialized society that their children naturally have less chance to be exposed to the Japanese traditional home cooking, which has made their life spans longer than the other peoples.
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Dont worry 2005/9/1 23:21
Yes, I think so too, you dont have to worry. I'm 168. My fiancee is Japanese and she is actually taller than me.
Its interesting though since the stereotype of the Japanese is that they are very small. But stereotypies are often inaccurate.
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im 14 years old and im around 6'1 2005/9/17 07:01
i feel bad i'm tall and all but there is even a bigger concern.my dad is like 5'10 and my mom is like 5'6 so why am i so tall.ppl usually grow up to there parents. I'm dying...
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? 2005/9/24 15:42
I have the same question im about 193-195 cm tall.
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You will not stand out! 2005/11/30 05:58
Hi! I lived in Japan for about a year and a half. I got a scholarship to play basketball and study Japanese. As a result, I made friends with several Japanese pro basketball players. As a result of THAT, I met many women pro-bballers. A girl that is 1.78 is considered very very tall. I am 1.86 and I could play forward/center in Japan. The average height is well below 1.75 for men. However, there are always exceptions and there are plenty of tall guys and girls. I saw a girl at Disney Sea who was quite a bit taller than me. Haha. My girlfriend was 1.72. The point of this is, that even if you were a 1.75 girl you would be in the minority but not really out of place. A 1.75 male is a bit taller than average but you will not be out of plave at all! Don't worry, just go have fun in Japan!
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FINAL ANSWER 2005/11/30 06:21
hey all tall gaijin!
i am also tall (190cm) but i didnt had so much problems, yes its true that japan is a small place and eveything is pretty tight, but generally if you watch out you shouldnt be hitting your head more than twice a month like me lol
have a nice trip yall
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too tall 2005/11/30 09:57
Im a girl 173cm tall, and in a group of elderly people I am a head above them. There are young people that are as tall or taller then me but its more likely you will see them in big cities like Tokyo. If you are in the countryside you will stand out. If you are a 6ft tall woman sorry to say but you will stand out. I should also point out that even though younger generations are getting taller I am still taller then a lot of people around my age (20s) especially girls. Many Japanese women wear high heels but arent that tall with them off.

One thing you hae to watch out for is when you are on your cell phone becaue your elbow is at the same level as many peopes faces. Not that Ive hit anyone but I did notice that. Also you have to watch out around little kids because they dont really watch where they are going and they will be around knee level.
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yeah.... 2005/12/20 16:11
I am 15 and 6'5. I am a head taller than quite a few of my peers,so I can only imagine how out of place I am going to feel ._.
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