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Sasuke / Ninja Warrior 2007/7/4 03:11
Ok, so if you're not familiar with the show:


Anyway, I will be studying abroad in Japan in 2 years (time to start training I suppose) and I'd like to try the show when I go. I don't expect to win or anything, I just like obstacle courses.

Does anyone know the requirements? Is there a fee to pay, or some tests to pass? Thanks,


Oh, yeah, feel free to discuss whatever else about the show too.
by E.C.  

That show is fun to watch 2007/7/5 10:10
Well I don't know anything about joining it or trying out, but that show is extremely fun to watch.
It's very fun to watch those contestants young and old try to make there way through the obstacle course. Especially when they are very passionate contestants with the theme costumes.
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... 2007/7/5 11:36
I don't want to disappoint you but there may not be SASUKE show anymore.

TBS, which organizes and broadcasts SASUKE, failed to report accidents happened at SASUKE 2007. (Five participants got injured.)

But, SASUKE's concept is still very popular and similar shows, such as, VIKING of FUJI TV has started. So, cheer up!
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! 2007/7/5 14:59
Cancelled! Oh know...

I suppose I could do a different show...if I qualify. That's disappointing though...

One of my favorite things about the show actually is the crazy announcer guy. He just seems so enthusiastic.
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. 2007/7/5 17:44
I recently started catching Ninja Warrior. It is a decent show. Though I find myself yelling at people for trying to run up the warped wall from the bottom instead of getting back at the beginning for a running start.
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ninja warrior 2007/7/10 05:59
i have been killing myself looking everywhere to try and find out how i can go to ninja warrior. not to compete but just to watch. i know where it takes place but i need to know if i need to get tickets and where? if anybody knows can you please help me????
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... 2007/7/10 11:42

"Ninja Warriors" is an American tytle for "Sasuke." And currently, there is no shooting of Sasuke in Japan.
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... 2007/7/10 12:58
do you know when it takes place? because i heard they're going to be filming again in august. so i know it still goes on but i don't know when or really where?
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... 2007/8/18 22:01
I watch aots and they're sending somenone from the states over to japan to compete in Sasuke sometime in November
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I want to go too! 2007/10/8 02:38
I just started my search on how to be in the audience for Sasuke spring 2008... and when spring 2008 will take place. We will be in Japan for the month of May and would really like to see it. I just found this site http://www.tbs.co.jp/program/sasuke_20070919.html, but no info on 2008 yet. If anyone can read this page, woudl you check and see if there is any ticket info? Thanks!!
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audience 2007/10/10 20:02
The SASUKEfs official website says that, unfortunately, only those who are families or friends of a contestant are allowed to go and view the contest to support him / her, so info about when and where is not to be disclosed.

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Ninja Warrior 2007/12/10 13:52
oh im so addicted to Ninja Warrior. its on G4 Game channel 129 on my comcast tv.
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canceled? 2007/12/11 13:34
wait ninja warrior was canceled this is an outrange
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Sasuke NOT cancelled 2008/1/3 10:33
it cant be cancelled as i just found this on the web..

Tokyo Broadcast Systems has announced that it is now accepting applications for Sasuke 20, to be held in March 2008. If you are interested in applying, please send your application to:

Tokyo, Japan 107-8066

Make sure to include your name, address, age, occupation, and why you want to participate (THESE ITEMS ARE REQUIRED!). Photos or video are encouraged (I'd think it would be very difficut to be accepted without a video at this point).
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viking 2008/1/26 09:59
Does anyone know anything about the gameshow VIKING ?? Im a massive fan of Sasuke in particular NAGANO and i believe hes taken part Viking. Thank you
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Here ya go! 2008/1/29 19:05

SASUKE COMPETITION,- Send your personal information to TBS (Sasuke organizers):
Name, age, postal code, address and phone number,a description of your strength or ability or photos or video showing your strenght.
When a Sasuke audition approaches, there will be notice given on the TV program itself and/or on the web page. They will review your material and if you're lucky they will contact you later.Materials sent will not be returned.

All ages,races, nationalities can participate in the Sasuke competition.
If you are called to audition, they will audition you, and they will record your timing on the first stage and if you are lucky enough you will be among the 100 participans, who will also comptete for a number to compete in the Sasuke.

Sorry, no visitors are allowed to watch the show. Only closest friends and relatives of the official participants can be there to cheer you up.

TBS: Tokyo Broadcasting system:
Street Address 5-3-6 Akasaka, Minato-ku
City :Tokyo
Country: Japan
Postal/Zip Code :107-8066
Telephone +81(0)3 3746 1111
Telefax +81 (0)3 3588 6378
Email : www@tbs.co.jp
Home Page: http://www.tbs.co.jp

Sasuke information:
Please I encourage you to visit web site:


If you want to know more regarding Sasuke, please contact TBS itself.
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NINJA WARRIOR :) 2008/5/17 12:42
Ninja warrior is still going and you can watch ninja fest this weekend on G4 the best gaming network everthe only gaming network that I know of.:)
In fact im watching nija warrior now.
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Slight problem 2008/6/1 15:33
Um, for these web sites, what if you can't read Japanese? I would really like to understand them.
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Makoto Nagano 2008/6/6 23:40
See Makoto Nagano in Florida. September 27&28. www.chibipa.com
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Sasuke 2008/6/7 16:32
The canceled program is Unbeatable banzuke(Kiniku banzuke) because somebody was seriously injured during the show in 2002.
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