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what is the right of my son? 2007/7/9 10:57
I have 1 year and 2 months son, his father left is, he stop contacting us, i want to know what is the right move, for my son, i want him to give a bright future, thats why i hope that we can go to japan, then i can support for his needs, please help me to know what should we do? i need advice . thank you
by Florinda Apostadero  

Nationality? 2007/7/10 13:00
Is your son's father Japanese? What is your own nationality? it is hard to give you an answer without this information.
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Filipina 2007/7/10 14:02
Hi, im a filipina, his father is japanese,he stop communicating with me after i gave birth,actualy, i want my son to be jap.citizen,
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. 2007/7/10 14:15
You should contact the Japanese consulate in your country. It could be possible for your child to be considered a Japanese citizen if you have the father documented.
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documents required 2007/7/10 14:19
You will need to be able to prove to the authorities in Japan that your son's father is Japanese, which will be difficult if you have no communication with him.

If you can contact the father and get documents that prove that he is Japanese (i.e. the father's birth certificate or a residence document called koseki tohon) then you can most likely start the process of getting citizenship for your son.

If you are not able to get any kind of documents proving that your son's father is Japanese, then the authorities only have your word for it and won't give him citizenship based on this.
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But? 2007/7/10 14:36
i have copy or his passport, but we are not merried. thas why my son not registerd to koseikohon, but he have signature thru my son birht certificate
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... 2007/7/10 15:09
I am so shamed to hear that you son's father ran away from you.

But, unless you get married to him and he acknowledges your son as his son, your son cannot get Japanese nationality.

This page tells you what you need to get your son's nationality. You can see this page in Tagalog, too.
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Already try 2007/7/10 15:33
once, i go to jap.embacy here in manila, they, said the father must accept the child before we can apply for his citizen ship,
i already told his father about that, but, till now no answer yet, still dont know what to do,
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Hello.. 2007/7/26 02:36
Hello.. Ate.. dito ka mag try http://www.timog.com/forum/index.php

lot of people can Help you here.. Kabayan pa!
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tnx 2007/7/26 10:54
salamat, i wil try, aam mosana maraming makatulong sakin. kc ang hirap magpalaki ng anak na magisa.
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