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Can tell any Halal restaurant in Japan? 2007/7/9 21:44
Can tell any Halal restaurant in Japan?
by Yow Chin Yap  

Google is your friend 2007/7/10 17:33

It took me less than 30 seconds to find the following page...

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Google indeed 2007/8/7 14:16
Indeed Google is our friend, but s/he was asking for a restaurant. The page you found is grocery stores.

This took a little longer than 30 seconds, but there are some restaurants here:

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scroll down... 2007/8/7 14:22
duh, the first page has grocery stores AND restaurants.
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Halal Food Resturants 2007/9/13 15:49

has lot of resturants and a seprate category for Halal Food Resturants.
Hope u enjoy dining ;)
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cheaper? 2007/9/15 19:54
are there any cheaper halal alternatives? those on the sites listed seem to provide details for expensive restaurants only. Any links for the budget backpacker?
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shin okubo 2007/9/16 01:29
if you're in tokyo, there are a few halal restaurants near the shin okubo train station on jr yamanote line, not exactly cheap, but still affordable.

A cheaper alternative would be to go vegetarian, or stick to seafood dishes.
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a brother 2007/9/17 10:53
if u are muslim and want to eat halal for religious reasons, you could always eat seafood. I lived in Seoul(south korea) for a while and its almost impossible to find cheap halal food, almost every muslim who sells you halal food does it for the money and tricks u for it. so my advice is just say ''bismillah'' and eat anything(except pork of course) and always remember that '' al-din yusr'' which is translated to '' religion is simple'' its a blessing and not a bother. ramadan kareem everyone
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www.hotmasala.net 2008/8/9 03:10
its really good and hallal restaurant in saitama soka shi nice and cheap food try it once
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Re: Can tell any Halal restaurant in Japan? 2011/12/1 02:16
Khazana at Queen's East has buffet lunch, so eat your heart out to last till dinner :p

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