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STAR/NYCE ATM network in Japan? 2007/7/10 10:06
Hey folks,

I was wondering if anyone knew if the Citibanks or Post Office ATMs are on either of the STAR or NYCE networks. I'm coming to Tokyo in September and my debit card only has those two (No Plus or Cirrus)


by Tanny J  

Post Office ATMs 2007/7/10 17:59

I was wondering if anyone knew if the Citibanks or Post Office ATMs are on either of the STAR or NYCE networks.

Apparently not...
by Dave in Saitama rate this post as useful

Thanks! (additional) 2007/7/24 10:11
Thanks Dave for your help with the Post Office part.

Does anyone know for the Citibank ATMs (specifically)?
(Are either of those two logos on the machines?)

(I'm extra curious because Japanese Citibank ATM cards can be used on NYCE & STAR ATMs here in the US)


by Tanny J rate this post as useful

Citibank ATMs in Japan 2007/7/26 10:45
Hi Tanny J,

I have a Citibank ATM card, the account of which I opened in the Philippines, and I was able to use it here in Tokyo-Kanto Area.

There are many Citibank ATM machines as well as banks whose atm acept Citibank cards here in this area. Please see this link:

I hope this helps.
by cyclone_blurr rate this post as useful

Option 2007/7/26 12:21
There is always the Seven 11 stores, which now take most foreign ATM cards.

I've had a friend say that it works!!!!
by Sandy rate this post as useful

. 2007/7/26 13:07
The question in hand is not about which atms accept foreign cards, its what atms accept cards on the Star/NYCE network. The answer is, I don't think any in Japan accept cards on the Star network (STAR/NYCE are primarily North American interbank networks) Plus is more international. Most of the international ATMs are on the PLUS network.
by John rate this post as useful

. 2007/7/26 13:11
My suggestion would be travel with cash and/or traveler's checks, or since you have time now, open a bank account that issues a card on the plus network. Citibank offers free online accounts, you get a ATM card etc, or check with local bank branches.
by John rate this post as useful

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