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Visa type must be changed or not? 2007/7/10 17:56
My wife just extended 3 years a Dependent VISA, but she is planing to enter at Japanese 1 year language institute. Of course, the Language Institute will provide Student VISA for all students.

I really wanna to know:
Is it possible to become a student without change VISA type?
Because I am wondering current Dependent VISA extension period for 3 years, but school will provide only 1 year.
by Enkhbold  

... 2007/7/10 18:12
She does not need to change it. It is possible to study on a dependent visa.
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VISA vs visa 2007/7/10 21:07
Just incidentally, VISA all in capitals usually refers to the credit card. The stamp you get in your passport is a visa, no need for capitals. People often seem to want to write VISA- must be the effect of advertising I suppose.
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. 2007/7/11 03:29
Many language schools have a process to admit students into Japan who do not already have a visa in Japan, so they provide student visas so the student can come over and stay for the period of learning.

Schools usually have another admissions process (mainly less paperwork) for those who already have a status of residence in Japan (ie there are many people with spouse visas, work visas etc that go to language schools as well). So as mentioned she can stay on a dependent visa and become a student.
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I see 2007/7/11 07:53
Okay, I see. I want to thank you all for your quick and perfect answers.
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What ever 2007/7/11 10:34

I think we all understood what he wrote down.

All people in this forum are not all native English speakers.

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visa type must be changed or not 2007/11/17 19:10
suppose I have entered in japan with 90 days tourist visa if i like to change the type of this visa for stay more than 6 months what should be done by me
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