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Motorcycle gear/helmets 2007/7/12 06:32
I will be going to Nagoya, Kyoto and Tokyo areas and am looking for motorcycle gear. i.e. helmets OGK or Arai.

If anyone knows of a shop that sells please let me know name and address.
THanks in advance!!
by Shelley  

MotoGoods shops 2007/7/27 22:16
Hi Shelley
I'm a motorcycle rider and live in Yokohama.
Where would you like to buy it? Will you go around Kyoto,Nagoya and Tokyo by Motorcycle? Because You should buy a helmet first, If you go around by Moto. You should buy it last, If you buy it as a gift! The helmet box is not so small!
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its a gift 2007/7/31 01:30
Hi motorider thanks for replying. I am buying it as a gift. I know it would be a big box, but the helmets in Japan are so much nicer than the ones here in the US.
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Ueno 2007/7/31 21:11
If you're in Tokyo, then definitely make a trip to Ueno. There are literally dozens of Motorcycle retail shops a short distance from the train station. I can't really explain where it is in relation to the station, we had a little trouble finding it, but I ended up asking a very helpful station guard who kindly directed me.

p.s. I am under the impression that there are different safety standards for certain helmets & visors in Japan to say, the UK. Don't quote me on that, but you might want to look into it if it's a gift.

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thanks furan 2007/8/1 01:19
Thanks i will definitely check out ueno.

I will look into the safety regulations. Thanks for looking out.
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