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Casual modelling work in Japan? 2007/7/17 22:44
I'm currently on a 3 week stay in Japan, and today I was standing waiting to meet my friend in a busy area of Fukuoka city when I was approached by two young guys (about 20-22 years old?) who said they were looking for fashion models. Of course I couldn't accept as I don't actually live in Japan, but this event made me think about trying to get casual/part time modelling work when I come to Japan to study for a year as an exchange student. Basically I'm asking, are there many smaller/freelance modelling agencies who would be interested in a young British woman and how easy would it be to get casual work? I'm not talking about a serious modelling career, but just a bit of experience. I never thought about it before but if I have the potential to be noticed on the street it may be worth giving it a shot? Please if you have any useful information do reply :)

p.s. I recently did a makeover day with some friends during which professional photos were taken of me, and I ordered 8 of them. If I did decide to give it a shot, would this be a suitable portfolio?

p.p.s. Just for information I'm 20 years old, thin by British standards (UK dress size 8), I have light brown hair which I recently highlighted blond, and I'm 166cm tall.
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=) 2007/7/30 17:11
Hello! Not to take away from your success of being approached by two young men.. BUT. =) Sometimes, I know expecially in Hiroshima, at night or during the evening time..maybe during the day.. if young men (ussualy in groups) approach women and these guys are dressed in suits, and are asking for you to do abit of modeling it could possibly mean they would like you to work at their conversation bar for the night.. AND BY NO MEAN DO I immply that it's anything BUT that. Lots of bars around Japan where men have the oppertunity to sit and drink ( on paid time ) with a beautiful woman for a set amount of time. Alot of these guys are young and approach japanese girls nightly for some quick work. Dont take this as anything sexual because it isnt, it's just as if you were to be asked to work as hostess for an evening at a nice club. ON the flip side, my wife has ATON of fashion mag's from Japan ( she is japanese ) and they are FILLED with alot of beautiful caucasian (spelled wrong? ) Women. I met a few models guys/gals in Tokyo while I was there.. it's like every one I talked to was there for that reason. =D You really should give it a try, I think you'd have 10x's the success in Japan as you would anywhere else being you are DIFFERENT. I.e. not Japanese, which they are all about UK fashion ATM..or so my wife and all her friends are. I actually am tryin to learn japanese for the purpose of gettin into Showbiz, it came to me that if you speak Japanese and arent Japanese that might put you into a unique situation of gettin into showbiz/modeling/etc.. I hope i've helped encourage you abit and not offended you =D but go for it, Im positive you'll have success!
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Oh AND! 2007/7/30 17:12
Also, if you're on a Student visa, you might want to make contact with immigration or your school to find out if you will even be granted to work.. and if so only a few hours a week. =)
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... 2007/8/2 10:22
Even if you get permission to work on a student visa, you are not allowed to work in the entertainment business.
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