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Tokyo to Takayama 2007/7/18 00:18

Is it best to go to Tokyo to Takayama by train ( JR Tokaido Shinkansen to Nagoya then Hida limited express train to Takayama) or by bus as I don't know the waiting time between train ? Also is the bus journey interresting ?
Thanks for any answer
by christian bray  

... 2007/7/22 10:48
The bus is cheaper but slower. Scenery is equally interesting:
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Bus vs. Train 2007/8/7 12:08
Actually, there isn't a huge difference between bus and train travelling times, and the bus is a direct trip with a few breaks along the way. With the train you have to transfer at Nagoya (not that it's hard to do). There's also more room for large luggage on the bus. But, the train is a lot more comfortable and you can use your JR pass if you happen to have one. There aren't any JR buses running between Tokyo and Takayama. The bus is a lot less expensive, if that's an issue.
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train to Takayama 2007/8/7 14:34
You can check waiting time between trains under First check the connection Nagoya to Takayama: lv Nagoya 08.43 h. 09.43 h, 11.03 h, everyhour.03 h, 16.03 h, 17.48 h, 19.48 h ( 13.03 h and 19.48 h not daily ) then search a suitable shinkansen Tokyo - Nagoya. With JR Rail Pass only hikari shinkansen, for example the hikari 361 lv Tokyo 06.36 h arrive Nagoya 08.22 h is the best for the 08.43 h departure to Takayama.
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reservation necesary? 2007/8/11 22:51
I wont be able to make a reservation for a bus from Tokyo to Takayama. I read that it is "important" to make a reservation. But is it really so? I have no chance to find a free seat? Anyone has experiences? thanks
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... 2007/8/12 07:57
Try to make a reservation by phone during Japanese business hours:
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When are you going to Takayama? 2007/8/15 09:21
Are you going to Takayama right away? You can go to the Keio Highway Bus Terminal in Shinjuku (West side of the station, right across from Yodabashi Camera) and buy a ticket/reserve a seat before hand. Or take your chances on that day. Depending on the day and time, it's definitely possible to get a seat without a reservation - I've done it before.
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finally someone 2007/8/15 22:50
So it's possible.I've been asking this question for a while, and answer was always the same "you have to make reservation". Though even you say it's not for sure...never mind i'll try my luck. I have no choice. It's my first time in Japan...actually it's first time i travel out of Europe. I have really no experiences about the country and how things work in Japan. I'll be in Tokyo on 23.08. 06:55h. I knew buses for Takayama leave from Shinjuku but i had no luck finding bus schedule. All is in Japanese. Cant read it. Oracle can you tell me about the bus schedule?

It's kind of cool to ask Oracle for help. can't help thinking of Matrix... :)
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... 2007/8/16 08:47
So it's possible.

No, you will need a seat reservation! It is just that you can make the seat reservation right before departure in case that the bus is not booked out. Seat reservations are necessary. Advance seat reservations are not.

I have no choice.

You do have a choice, as explained in my previous post, i.e. make advance reservations by phone.

can you tell me about the bus schedule?

Departures from Shinjuku:
8:00, 9:00, 14:30, 16:00

During the summer holidays (until August 31), there are the following additional departures:
7:00 and 23:00 (overnight)

The one way trip takes 5.5 hours (overnight bus takes 7 hours).
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Nihhon wa sugoi! 2007/8/16 23:53
I have to say that i'm amazed by Japanese people. I asked the owner of minshuku where i'm going to stay (Kuwataniya in Takayama) to book a seat for me. And he said No problemo!! So he did. Amazing people.
Arigato Takagaki-san!
Arigato Uji, Uco, Oracle and all the fun people who spend time helping people on japan guide.
Hvala svima! ( croatian for Thank's everyone:)
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No problem! 2007/8/28 06:36
Have a great trip! When my parents were in Japan I travelled with them all over the country, but they maintain that Takayama was their favourite place to visit. I guess it depends on what you want to see and do i.e. cities vs. the countryside etc. But Takayama is a nice place to unwind in, especially after the big cities. Certainly read about things in your guidebook, but also just spend some time wandering around and discovering things. Happy travels!
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Takayama 2007/8/29 20:05
From the reviews - Takayama is a placed not to be missed!

Will be going early January. What is the weather like then? Cold? What clothing do I need to pack?

Hope to stay at a Ryokan...any suggestions?
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... 2007/8/29 20:07
What is the approximate price difference between train and bus for this journey?
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JR Rail Pass versus Bus 2007/8/29 21:00
If you are the same Kelly as the itinerary questions: Tokyo to Takayama is covered by the JR Pass, if you use bus instead it is Yen 6500 extra as bus is non-JR.
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^_^ 2007/8/29 22:13
Thank you, Peter!
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JR Pass 2007/8/30 01:33
Between Tokyo and Nagoya is no issue. But, is the coverage by JR Pass only on the JR Takayama Line (which takes longer) or does it also cover Hida Limited Express?
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Hida 2007/8/30 02:52
The JR Rail Pass covers the JR hikari shinkansen between Tokyo and Nagoya and the JR Ltd Express Hida to Takayama.
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Takayama in January, and ryokan 2007/8/30 06:14
In January, you will be very cold in Takayama. I've been there in late December and early February and both times there was a lot of snow. I recommend boots!
My friends went in late March this year and were surprised by a late snowfall; no accumulation, but so cold.
For a Takayama ryokan I recommend Nagase but there are others that I have heard good things about.
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. 2007/8/30 14:51
It doesnt have to be ryokan. i tried couple of minshuku and they are all more than good enough. You got everything. There is an onsen bath at every minshuku. And the price is more than reasonable. I mean whats 4000-5000yen for such a great experience that you get. btw im at takayama right now and its a great place to visit. especially if you have japanese friends to visit here. to spend time with japanese family is unforgetable experience. Food in Takayama is excelent. There are plenty of old fashion restaurants and no matter which one you visit you will like the food they are preparing.
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