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Contacting ToCoo Rental Cars 2007/7/21 19:34
I have combed the ToCoo rental site and can't find an email or fax or telephone number to use to ask them questions. Can anyone help me?
For example, I want to know drop off fees between certain cities and can't figure it out using their additional mileage rules because I am not sure how they calculate mileage.
Thank you!
by Eve  

... 2007/7/22 16:42
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Help! 2007/9/17 14:19
I have the same problem.

I fill in the form, answering all the queries, but I get a window saying
"Please fill it in by the telephone number normal-width figure."

I have NO IDEA what that means!

And when I go to the Inquiry page I fill out my enquiry, but there is no option to send it to ToCoo!

It is now 3 pm in Australia. I fly to Japan tomorrow all day, and I want to rent the cat from the afternoon of Sept 19, that is 48 hours from now.

Can anybody help - REALLY FAST?

(I can imagine how much good business ToCoo has lost because of its impractical website ...)

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Damn frustrating 2007/9/17 22:43
It's irritating to think that something I have input wrong about my telephone number (!) is preventing me proceeding with my hoped-for rental.

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... 2007/9/18 09:22
This problem sometimes happens if you are changing your ime to input Japanese characters into the webform. If you selected half-width kana then you need to change it to regular kana or to English input.
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.. 2007/9/19 10:31
No, just using ordinary old romaji on a non-J computer.

I am in Osaka now, about to fly to Sendai where I will rent a car. In the end I justcalled a carrental place and madeadirect booking, although obviously paying more than ToCoo appearently offer.

I am still quite irritated by this, but also intrigued. There is a business opportunity out there for somebody who can do bookings and run the business properly.
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An Important Secret 2007/9/21 03:44
In the end we did rent a car (twice!) from ToCoo and it worked out well. Both in Kanazawa and Matsumoto they were able to supply an English guidance system (voice only, map was in Japanese)to our great relief. I asked for this in advance but they couldn't promise... We had trouble figuring out how to use it so if you are in this situation here's the secret - in order to program a telephone number, you need to put on the handbrake. If you don't, you can't program. This was very frustrating at first, so I hope it saves someone else the trouble we had).
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ToCoo is great 2007/9/21 13:20
I rented from ToCoo and am very happy with the service. Yes, they don't have a direct contact and will take a few days to reply but in return you get a much cheaper rate on car rental. If you need to rent a car with short notice, book direct with another company, eg You can book Toyota online and get instant confirmation.

Re putting on handbrake before you can change your GPS, that's a very common safety feature in lots of GPS.
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too late ? 2007/9/22 18:47
I rented from ToCoo twice (Narita and Kansai) and Toyota once but never had to put on handbrakes to change the Japanese GPS. Actually my wife even changed the GPS destination while the car was moving. Guess it must vary but we always have the rental guy accompany us to the car and ask lots of questions especially about the GPS before we set out and the GPS had always worked fine.
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GPS 2007/9/22 20:19
Well, my husband has driven GPS in Europe and the U.S. and the handbrake thing was new to him.
Of course we asked all kinds of questions when we rented the car. We asked in English and they answered in Japanese! There's only so much you can understand from sign language. But as I wrote, it all worked out fine.
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To this forum's administrator 2007/9/22 20:29
You deleted the ToCoo customer service email and telephone number from my last post--why did you do that ? I thought I was being helpful to Ian who asked for this info. In anycase, I did not give out any personal info but info related to the customer service helpdesk at ToCoo Mazda which should be useful to visitors as other posters have obviously expressed frustrations over dealing with the ToCoo website. I myself experienced the same frustrations which was why I sought out these contacts and it has made my ToCoo rentals a lot easier. My last rental from ToCoo Kansai is a good case in point. I wanted to ask if I could return the rental car at the Nikko Kansai which I know is above the Mazda rental desk but no one could speak English at the rental desk. I called Akiko in Tokyo to explain my problem and she resolved it the next day and sent the answer by email. It was that easy. Perhaps you've never experienced what we non-Japanese speaking foreigners go through, in both aggravation and time spent, trying to get ourselves understood. I strongly suggest you post my original email in its entirety as I know it should help a lot of people who visit this forum.
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mthk 2007/9/23 09:07
There are two major reasons:

1) the web, including our forum, gets constantly scanned by malicious robots, which collect e-mail addresses for spam purposes. Therefore, exposing an e-mail address to the internet these days is like adding it to a spam database. That is why we discourage anybody from publishing their own e-mail address to the forum, and prohibit users to publish somebody else's e-mail addresse.

2) There is probably a reason why Tocoo does not publish e-mail addresses and phone numbers on their website. We do not intend to undermine these reasons.
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Administrator 2007/9/23 19:20
Actually both the email and the customer service tel in Tokyo relate to Mazda, not ToCoo if you read my original post. As you know the ToCoo site only offers Mazda or Nissan rental cars and Mazda is generally cheaper. When I called Mazda they were able to see my reservation through ToCoo on their computer. I'm sure users would understand that if a question related to ToCoo specifically, then Mazda can't answer on behalf of ToCoo. In my case, Mazda's staff forwarded my question to ToCoo and they took down my email for ToCoo to reply, which they did. This was helpful and quick as I could explain my question on the phone in English and the Mazda staff spoke good English.
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mthk 2007/9/24 08:48
Thank you for the correction. However we still cannot publish e-mail addresses to the web without the permission of the owner of the e-mail address.

Thank you for your understanding!
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