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Gift Suggestion? 2007/7/22 06:49
I will be visiting Japan next week and would like to buy a gift for my partner. I would like something 'traditional' for my partner (who is male). He already has a samurai sword. I don't really want to spend any more than 35000 Yen. If anyone could suggest anything, I would be very grateful.
by Cindy  

Perhaps... 2007/7/23 20:40
If he's into Japanese weaponry, why not stick to that genre of gift? Perhaps throwing stars or similar?

Beware bringing them through customs in your luggage though... may be safer to mail them back to your home address!
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your town's specialty? 2007/7/24 02:18
It is also appreciated when you give something that is a specialty from your own town. If you live near a big, well-known city, their specialty (food, special souvenir) would be enjoyed.
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Uh... 2007/7/24 02:40
I'm assuming her fiance lives in the same town as her, so maybe that isn't so relevant!
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Thanks Kelly 2007/7/24 08:50
Thanks for the response Kelly. The throwing stars sound like a good idea. Any idea on where I can find them? Will be visiting Shizuoka, Kyoto, Hiroshima and Tokyo. Thank you
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oops 2007/7/24 15:38
sorry.. didn't catch on when she said "partner"
I thought like... conversation partner... haha
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Hmm 2007/7/24 16:36
I don't know for certain, but I'm sure many tourist-type shops will carry these types of popular weaponry goods. I don't think it will be immensly hard to find a seller.
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I am going to Japan for 3 weeks 2007/7/24 21:26
I will be going to Japan at the start of Septemeber and will be travelling alone but I would like to take some gifts incase I meet so new friends. I live in the UK could someone give me any suggestions of gifts to take with me?
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Typical! 2007/7/24 22:41
Something 'typically British' that you wouldn't find in Japan.

Though, if its a holiday you are on, you could always take a polaroid camera, and give your new friends some pictures of your time together, along with your contact details.
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Thanks :) 2007/7/25 21:25
Thanks for the advice Im from wales so Im going to try and find a small gift like a small toy dragon or post cards. I am going on holidays there I will probably take a poloroid camera to take pictures. Are there places in Japan to get poloroid film developed lol?
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^_^ 2007/7/25 22:43
Polaroids develop themselves! If you don't already have a polaroid camera, however, I wouldn't suggest forking the money out for one purely for this trip. The small Dragons are a good idea too, especially since the Japanese already have something of a dragon culture. It might be found quite interesting to see dragons from a different cultural background.

I'm sure there are plenty of places in Japan where you can take a digital camera memory card (or just a manual flash camera) and have the photos developed off it. If you have trouble finding somewhere, maybe set up a photobucket account, give you new friends the address for it, then upload the photos when you get home!
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