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what does sakuichi mean? (spelling)? 2007/7/23 12:42
what does sakuichi mean? who was the warrior sakuichi (spelling)?
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... 2007/7/23 23:43
Is this a character in anime/game? Can you give me more information?
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sakuichi 2007/7/24 03:18
Sakuichi in Japanese history of a warrior, maybe samuri. Do not know if Sakuichi is first name or last, but have heard he was a great warrior. Also do not know of spelling name. Thank you!!
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... 2007/7/24 07:34
Where did you hear of the name? TV program? movie? book? animation? etc. "Sakiuchi" does not *quite* sound correct...
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sakuichi 2007/7/25 12:33
I heard it on the Discovery chanel and my middle name is Sakuichi, but i don't think the warrior Sakuichi is spelled the same, also I think it is the first name and wanted to know the last name for research.
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Sakichi? 2007/7/25 16:08
All I can think of is Mitsunari Ishida. His childhood's name was Sakichi.

We don't (and didn't) have middle name.

Mitsunari Ishida
(Click English for translation)
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