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Citibank Check Card + Japan Online Shop 2007/7/24 01:13
Ok, so here is the problem. I have a U.S Citibank Gold card that works fine at the Japanese ATMs and such. But what I want to do is order stuff online through japanese sites. The problem is these sites need a Japanese card that has a matching japanese address. However since my card is a U.S card, it gets rejected. Do you think it's possible to go to the local citibank and and ask them to add the Japanese address that I'm at or give me a Citibank card that has a Japanese address?

by Alex  

. 2007/7/26 06:41
While US citibank and Japan Citibank both share the Citibank name, they are different entities. Pretty much a different bank, you can't change your US Citibank account into a Japanese one, and vice versa.
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