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Lacoste Boutiques in Japan locations 2007/7/24 04:27

I will be visiting Japan mainly tokyo
can someone tell me where the Lacoste boutiques are located meaning the store itself not those corners inside department stores. That will be greatly appreciated.. also can u tell me how to get there such as which subway or train station to get off and such.. thanks so much
by Andrew  

Lacoste Store 2007/7/26 08:15
There is one on Omotesando, on the right side as you go up the street, just past the intersection with Meiji Dori. The closest subway station is probably Meiji Jingu-mae, with Omotesando station and Harajuku JR station also quite close.
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Hibiya 2007/7/26 08:29
Lacoste Hibiya
1F, Twin Toho Tower Building

nearby stations : Subway Hibiya, JR Yurakucho, Subway Ginza

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thank you 2007/7/26 21:04
thanks everyone, I will be staying in the Nishi-Shinjuku area, can someone tell me whether there are any lacoste stores near by and in addition can someone tell me how to get to the Jiyugaoka lacoste location.. greatly appreciated
thank u
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Shinjuku 2007/7/26 23:04
There's no Lacoste Boutique in Shinjuku. You can find Lacoste corners in Takashimaya, Odakyu and Keio Department Stores, though.

Lacoste Jiyugaoka
1-26-16 Jiyugaoka

From Shinjuku to Jiyugaoka, take JR Yamanote line to Shibuya and then take Tokyu Toyoko line.
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Lacoste Store 2007/7/27 08:46
If you are in Nishi Shinjuku, the closest Lacoste store is probably the Omotesando one I mentioned above. JR Harajuku station is 5 mins from Shinjuku station.
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also pls help 2007/7/27 21:51
thanks for ur information again!!!

also...I'm looking for Nike Stores in the Tokyo area, not the ones inside a department store corner though, a store itself. I will be staying in the Nishi Shinjuku area.. can anyone help me ?? greatly appreciated .. thanks
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Odaiba 2007/7/27 22:29
If you happen to go to Odaiba, there is a Lacoste boutique in AquaCity Mall.
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