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Beauty habits 2007/7/24 20:04
I heard that Japanese women use at least 8 cosmetics at once as a daily pampering. Is it true? Do you know any other different from European habits in beauty theme in Japan? Just curosity. Carole
by Harumiko  

only eight? 2007/7/29 13:55
Foundation, powder, cheek, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, lipstick, lip gloss, that's eight already and I haven't written about all the lotions and hair styling goods.

I'm sure Europeans do the same when they wear make up. So do Americans, Koreans and lots of women and transvestites all over the world.
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... 2007/7/29 15:20
Since you say daily "pampering," maybe you are referring to skin care type of products, or maybe all skincare products AND make-up goods altogether? Then among many women, it would be more than eight, probably.
- Skin care: Make-up remover, face wash, lotion, beauty essense, eye cream, moisture cream/fluid, sunscreen lotion.
- Make-up: Foundation, spot concealer, powder, eye color(s), mascara, eye liner, brow pencil, cheek color, lip color.
BTW, I used not to use skin care products until I was 32 or so... only washed my face with regular soap and applied some baby lotion lol. By now, I use all the skin care products I listed above at least once a day. My make-up habits have not changed at all over the years; if I put on anythign at all, that is, it's only eye colors and lip color.

Just like in any country, there are women who don't mind spending an hour or two on their skin care in the morning, and others who just slap on some cream or lotion in the morning, maybe apply lip stick, and just be on the go :)
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