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deru , dekakeru 2007/7/24 20:14
hi !
i would like know about these two verbs "deru" and "dekakeru"
what are their diference?
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re: deru, dekakeru 2007/7/29 07:52
"deru": describes a simple action of someone/something goes "out" of something.

"dekakeru": more specific action of people, i.e. "to go out" (for work, shopping, school, picnic, whatsoever.)
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... 2007/7/29 08:30
"deru" is simply "to exit, to leave, to depart, to get out (from), to stick out" etc.
"dekakeru" is "to go out (to do something)," with the emphasis on the "doing something" part.

For example,
- Mainichi kaisha e iku no ni, asa 7-ji ni uchi wo deru. (To go to work everyday, I leave home at 7 o'clock.)

- Kondo no nichiyoubi, issho ni dokoka e dekakenai? (Won't you go out together with me (to go somewhere) next Sunday?)
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