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Question about translation 2007/7/25 20:03
Hello, im new here, and i'm asking u guys for help..

I know a girl that loves anime's and japanese stuffs.. and i'm starting to feel something for her then just friendship.. so, i want u guys to help me with the phrase in japanese please:

- I want you.
- I like you. (not i love you)

And if you guys know any romantic sentence to say to her i would appreciate ;)

Thxs a lot
by a7x  

want and like 2007/7/29 08:34
I want you is;
'Anata no koto hoshii...'
I LIKE you;
'Anata no koto suki...'
If you wish to use her name, simply;
[Name] no koto hoshi/suki.

And a romantic thing to say may be...
1.[Anata/name] to issho ni anime mi ni ikinasai ka?/'Why dont we go see an anime together?'
2. [Anata/name] Issho ni mangaya ikinasai ii ka?
/'How'd you like to go to the anime store?]
These may be some friendly ways to get your person of interest's attention, 7 San...
Good Luck!
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... 2007/7/29 08:42
Correction on the second part of the above poster's contribution: "ikinasai ka" should be "ikimasen ka." ("Ikinasai" would be an order telling someone "Go!")

1. Watashi to issho ni anime wo mi ni ikimasen ka? ('Won't you go see an anime together with me?)
2. Issho ni mangaya ni ikimasen ka? (How'd you like to go to the anime store with me?)
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