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English expat-places to live in Tokyo 2007/7/26 00:56
I will be moving to Tokyo from London soon and will be looking for a place to live. Can anyone recommend a good place for English expats to live in Tokyo e.g. near a good English/Irish pub etc
Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
by scoddy  

. 2007/7/29 10:04
Many expats like to live in or around the Azabu Azabu area, of course the price to live in these areas are really high.

Honestly for me I didn't care if the neighborhood was expats or not, as long as I found something nice I could afford. When I'm sleeping I couldn't careless if my neighbors were martians.
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more info needed 2007/7/29 16:02
What will your acommodation budget be? If you have 200,000 yen per month to spare for accommodation that will get you a tiny room in Azabu, Roppongi, Akasaka or any of the usual "expat areas". In suburbs further out the same room might cost you 60- 80,000 yen. Do you know where you will be working?

There are English or Irish pubs in various areas but many of them are the Japanese idea of an English pub- they serve English beer and Guiness but are not what you would find in the UK or Ireland.

Why not go to izakayas anyway (Japanese style pubs). Much more fun.
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