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Student Visa Dates 2007/7/26 03:55
I've been looking for this for awhile but can't find the answer. I would like to know when I can enter and when I must leave Japan under my student visa.

I recently recived my CoE and will be applying for my visa soon. I have been asked by my school to inform them of when I'll need lodgings and for how long.

My program begins on October 11, 2007, and ends Sept 30, 2008 (one year). In the US the soonest you can go is two weeks before the start of the semester, and leave one month after the end. I can't find out what these dates are for Japan. Must I go october 1st and leave sept 30th (the last day of class)?

Thank you for your time.
by Kenneth D  

. 2007/7/29 10:00
Depends on the validity of your student visa, for example if it is a one year visa, you have exactly 1 year from the date you enter Japan to leave. So you enter say October 1, 2007, the visa will be valid until October 1, 2008.

So Assuming you have a one year visa and classes don't begin until October 11, maybe you want to enter Japan on October 6, so you still have 5 days to get all school things in order, and when your program ends on September 30, 2008, you still have 6 days to leave Japan before you overstay.

Of course this is assuming your visa is a 1 year visa, make sure you note the date stamped in your passport so you'll know when to leave and not overstay.
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Over Stay 2007/7/29 10:39
And Remember you DO NOT want to OVER STAY your visa, even one day.
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