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Metal clubs in Tokyo? 2007/7/26 06:28
Tokyo 23-ku
I am coming all the way from Finland to spend at least one month in Tokyo. So, it would be nice to know if there are any night clubs dedicated to the metal music in Tokyo, I would be very interested to visit them. Let me know if you have any information about this! Thank you.
by frigg  

Club Quattro 2007/7/30 14:25
Perhaps Club Quattro in Shibuya. Though I have no idea who is on the line up now I have seen a few heavy bands play at the Nagoya Venue.

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Metal 2007/8/6 01:12
Try this website-


I recommend a club called Antiknock in Shinjuku , a good selection of metal most nights.

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Err. 2007/8/15 21:58
Tried the AntiKnock the other night. It's a punk venue. Continue your search and if you find anything let me know!
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Metal :) 2007/8/17 03:08
Well the two nights i was there it was metal , try checking the schedule before you go :)
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... 2007/8/18 01:30
Oh shit, the schedule!! Genius!

-The schedule is relatively meaningless when you can't find any info about the bands listed

-I talked to a guy that works there and a guy that claimed to be a regular and they both said that the lineup is generally punk.

On the plus side, i did find out that there's a metal show at the Wall (shinjuku; http://www.livehouse-wall.com/wall/flame.html) on Saturday, August 25th. (lineup: FASTKILL, ABIGAIL, SIGH, REVOLT) I haven't heard much from any of these bands, but at the very least i think it'll be amusing.
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Excellent 2007/8/18 19:15
Thanks for the info ' mate :)
I'll be back in Tokyo next May - keep posting any more venues you find :)
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oo very helpful! 2007/9/18 19:04
i was gonna ask this questions,!
i will be staying in Shinjuku so i must cheack out the place mentioned above, hope Japanese metal fans aren't too crazy though!
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More Metal 2007/9/20 02:34
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A couple more shows coming up 2007/9/20 07:02
Sep 22 2007, 8:00P - DESTRUCTION, Annihilator, Nevermore, Thrash Domination Festival @ Club Cita,

Sep 26 2007 6:00A - Pelican, Envy @ Earthdom

Sep 27 2007 6:00A - Pelican, KTL, Pita @ O-Nest

Sep 28 2007 6:00P - Extreme the Dojo - Zyklon, Dying Fetus @ Club Quatro

Find directions for the venues: http://www.tokyogigguide.com/venues.html
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access? 2007/9/20 11:01
how can i access Rock Inn Current in Shinjuku?
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More Metal :) 2007/9/28 03:21
Ahmed Try running their website through a translation site like -

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no 2007/10/1 11:08
still no i didnt get the adress ?! its in daikan plaza building 2nd flr in nishi-shinjuku?
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Yes 2007/10/2 01:12
Yes it looks like that is the address
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More shows... 2007/11/14 21:18
Dec 23rd, Sigh, Mutyumu, Tokimeki Jumbo Jumbo, Naikaku no Wa. Venue still TBD??? somewhere in tokyo... look back here for updates (http://sigh.gospel-virus.net/shows.htm)

Dec 15, Envy, Sleeping People @ Unit Shibuya.

Jan 18, Dark Tranquility, The Haunted @ O-East Shibuya.

Mono @ Club Quattro Shibuya
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February show 2008/1/14 21:03
Monday, February 11
@ Shinjuku AntiKnock
Sigh, Intestine Baalism, Inherited Truth, Detritum, Crucified, Bereaved

2000yen adv / 2500yen @ the door

Doors at 5:30, Start at 6
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Tokyo Damage Report W-WW site 2008/1/29 18:12
I am not a metalhead; but Steve Schultz is. Read his website (http://www.hellodamage.com/] for names and locations of metal and thrash clubs in Tokyo. Many of them are in Shinjuku [west]; some are in Koenji. There is also a *bar* in Yokohama ["Thrash Zone"] which only plays thrash music over its public address system.
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