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why's bath water, in japan, milky? 2007/7/26 19:02
i haven't been to japan or anything. but when i see home tub baths in pictures or j-dramas i notice that the bath water is milky white..how come? is it dirty? or is it really like that?
oh and do people in japan take baths in the morning or evening?
cause i'm planning to move to japan..
by momo  

... 2007/7/30 02:40
Bathing water in Japan is not usually milky! Only if you add some special bath additive, it can be turned into a milky color.

Also, some natural hot spring baths are naturally milky due to the particles in the water.

oh and do people in japan take baths in the morning or evening?

Usually in the evenings only.
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. 2007/7/30 02:50
I haven't noticed any difference in home bath water in the Japan vs at home in the US.

I wouldn't trust everything I see on movies and dramas, of course there's always additives, bubblebaths etc that can be used in effect of the characters on the show.
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Tubs in the media 2007/7/30 03:33
Tubs in photos and TV are often milky so that whoever is butt-naked inside won't have to be embarrassed.

People who bath in the morning are considered lazy. It also consumes a lot of heating energy. But nowadays, many people bath in the morning as long as they have the time.
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